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A long time!

Wow I haven't posted for quite some time! Holy cow! I'll work on that! Life is good! I'm really busy with school and work, but its fun! I had to quit track because I lost a lot of weight and I was getting shin splints again, and it was only two weeks into the season. Last night Aimee and I went and saw 10,000 BC and I really enjoyed it. Some parts were a little weird, like the convulsing lady, and some parts were a little intense. I'm so excited for Saturday, because the boys have the priesthood meeting and so us girls and the Houghton girls are going to have a girls night and watch Enchanted and do nails and eat ice cream and stuff. By the way I LOVE the movie Enchanted! I bought it like the day after it came out. Whoop whoop! Tonight we are having Hawaiian haystacks and I am so excited, because they are like almost the best. I have a new addiction... called OREO CAKESTERS! Oh my heavens are they good! Anyways, I think that's about all for my life as of now! I'll post again soon!



Hey everyone! I have a story, even though you've probably all heard it before! Ok, so it started in art class when I was rotting away. My phone buzzes so I look at it and its a text from my mom and it said "call me as soon as you get out of class" So I started thinking that I'm in trouble and I was trying to figure out what I was in trouble for. And I couldn't think of anything at all. Cuz I'm a perfect angel, duh! So I get out of class and I wait a couple minutes and then I call my mom. So I'm walking down the noisy hall and she tells me to go somewhere quiet so I can hear what she has to say. And I just tell her to talk loud and I can hear fine. But she repeats her request so I think someone died or is in a coma or there was a bad accident or something, so I head into the bathroom and I tell her I'm in there and she starts be saying "the Director of Admissions from BYU called" and I was like woah slow down, people of his authority and position don't just make house calls. Thats what I was thinking, but really I said "Wait, he called?" and she says yes and starts telling me how he called and apparently he read my letters of recommendation from my seminary teacher and bishop and stake president and what I wrote and he was like she needs to go here or something like that so he took my stuff to the board (cuz otherwise, like academically I wouldn't have gotten in) so he took it to the board and they all agreed with him so then he called my house asking for me but I wasn't there so he talked to my mom. And then I called him Friday and told him I'd go there. Whoo hoo!!! I'm so excited. Some of you have been wondering what I wrote in the essay I sent off to them to sell myself basically, so here it is.

"One of my best qualities is leadership. I’m a great leader.
I worked at Aspen Ridge Boy Scout Camp for two summers (2005 and 2006) as a Merit Badge Counselor and a Troop Guide. I taught merit badge classes 3 times a day, led songs, life guarded the lake during free time, participated in skits, helped my troop when needed, participated in flag ceremonies and flag retirements, and cleaned all sorts of nasty scout things (including dishes and outhouses). As a Venture Scout, I have assisted on five Woodbadge courses, teaching adults about Leave No Trace and other various scout topics.
I achieved my Young Woman in Excellence Award, between the age of 16 and 17.
I’m on my Stake Youth Council and President of my Laurel class. At my Stake Girl’s Camp (2007) I led most devotionals, flag ceremonies, and meetings during the week of Girl’s Camp.
Last trimester I was the class president for a Special Needs Seminary class where I was privileged to assist special need students at Seminary. Everyday I was able to help them understand the gospel and the Old Testament.
This last Friday (November 9, 2007) I had an opportunity to travel to Salt Lake for a political seminar. I had one of the top 12 grades in my C.E. U.S. History Class last year so I was able to attend. Rob Bishop taught seminars and gave talks all throughout the day, as well as other political leaders such as Gary R. Herbert, the Lieutenant Governor of Utah.
I currently am employed at Acres Market in Ogden, UT, where I work at least 20 hours a week bagging groceries. Out of my one year working there I have never missed a day.
I hope you will consider me to be a potential BYU student for Fall 2008."

Questions, comments, concerns, queries of any kind, you know what to do!
And that is that. Love you all!