Family photo

Family photo


Tweeg and Evolv

This is our sad story of the weekend.

On Sunday morning (12/12/10) around 9:45 I got out of bed and went to the kitchen cuz I was going to decorate a cake for Mike's family birthday party which was happening that night. I looked out the sliding glass door and the dogs were on the side of the yard. Evolv was on the ground shaking a lot and Tweeg was standing by him. I yelled for Mike to come look because Evolv looked like he was having a seizure. He came out and looked and I threw some shoes on and ran out. Evolv couldn't get up and we has convulsing. His eyes were locked and he was foaming at the mouth. Tweeg was shaking and had his tail between his legs. I didn't know if that was cuz he was scared or if he was getting sick too. I tried to get Tweeg to sit because he is usually pretty good at sitting, but he wouldn't respond. I yelled for Mike to get my car out of the driveway so we could take his car and get the dogs to a vet. I ran inside and got a blanket for Evolv and Tweeg's leash. We got Tweeg in the backseat and I held Evolv in the front while Mike drove. We started heading to our normal vet and called them on the way. Mike told them the dog's symptoms and they said we needed to go to an emergency vet. We got the address and turned around. That was very discouraging since we were pretty close to our normal vet and the emergency vet was clear across town. So we started driving to the emergency vet. It was a very long and scary drive. I kept petting Evolv and telling him it would be okay. Tweeg started foaming at his mouth and started having seizures and was having a hard time standing up. Even though he was sick he was still worried about his buddy Evolv and tried to stay close to him. When we were close to the vet Evolv almost died and stopped breathing for a little bit and his body stopped shaking and he went limp. I started crying but then he started moving and gasped for air. We got to the vet soon after that. Mike got out and got Tweeg out of the back. When Tweeg got out of the car his legs collapsed and he couldn't walk. Mike picked him up and carried him in. He told them that I had Evolv outside as I got out of the car and headed in. A vet met me at the door and took him and rushed him in. Mike and I went to the desk and they had us fill out Critical Condition paperwork for the dogs. A lady came out shortly after and said Evolv was dying and wanted to know if we wanted them to do CPR. I asked what his chances were and she said they were pretty good if they started right then. I told her to go ahead. We went and sat down and started filling out more paperwork. I got up and went out to the car to grab my phone. When I came back inside Mike was crying. I asked what was wrong and he told me Evolv was gone. I only wish that was the worst. They took us back to a private room with a couch and chair and a tissue box and a phone. And we waited to hear about our little Tweeg. They asked what we wanted to do with Evolv's body and we decided we wanted to take it and bury him. Another nurse came in and told us she would take us to Tweeg. We went in the back and it was so sad to see him. He was hooked up to IV's and was still foaming at his mouth. He couldn't move. He had a funnel over his mouth so he couldn't choke on his dog slobber. His eyes were locked and he couldn't look at us.His eyes were locked but were still bright and lively as always. We pet him and cried. Thats all we could do. The head vet came over and told us he didn't know what got into their systems but whatever it was caused the seizures and foaming and locked up their upper respiratory system so it was hard for them to breathe. We asked what it would cost to treat Tweeg. The doctor said he would put Tweeg in a 12 hour coma and that would clear out his system. The vet said if we didn't have discretionary income we should probably put him down. We asked for a minute with Tweeg. We petted him and told him we loved him and that we were sorry. The vet came and injected something into his IV and he slowly left us. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Our poor little puppy Tweeg was gone. I went up to the front desk and through the tears I put the bill on the credit card. Mike and the assistant vets loaded the dogs into the back of the Subaru.On my way out another person there told me "I'm sorry. God bless your heart." What a sweet lady. On the way home I tried to call my grandma but no one answered so I called my mom and told her the dogs were gone and asked if she thought it was okay if we buried the dogs at my grandma's house. She said she was sure that was fine. We headed home, grabbed some clothes, said a prayer and got Mike's cake. We drove up to my grandma and grandpa's and my grandma and grandpa were waiting for us there with hugs. We went in the backyard and decided where to bury our poor little dogs. Mike and grandpa dug the hole. Then we went back up to the car with the four wheeler and a trailer. Mike and grandpa got the dogs and I grabbed Evolv's collar. When we got back down to where we were going to bury them Mike put Evolv's collar on him (Tweeg's was still on). I said a few words and then grandpa and Mike buried Tweeg and Evolv together. It was a very hard and sad day with a lot of tears. I can't help but cry writing this and thinking about our two cute dogs we lost that day.

They were the best. They were such good friends. Even though Tweeg was sick too he wouldn't leave Evolv's side. Tweeg was really good at doing his tricks and he would show them off to anyone. He would sit, lay down, crawl, and he even would "reach for the sky." He also knew fetch. He was a very patient dog when it came to getting fed and would wait patiently for his food while Evolv went wild and got his food first. Anytime we looked in the backyard they would be laying in the sun together or playing and jumping on each other. When we left the house or came back home they would always run to the gate to see us even if it was bad weather. We were looking forward to the spring where we could take them on hikes. They were the best of friends and very fun. Tweeg was good at not jumping up on people and Evolv was working on that. I feel bad I wasn't able to play with them more because I was allergic and they gave me hives. They were very good dogs with very good temperaments and very sweet. I'll miss them very much and the happiness they brought to our little family. One thing my grandma said that I liked was "they went out together when the sun was shining."


I lost my dogs Sunday it was a terrible day. I will miss them forever and try and think of the things that I miss most about them. I will miss feeding them in the morning and going to work with paw prints on my pants. I miss coming home and seeing them paws up on the gate just so excited for me to come over and pet them and saying hello. I miss going out at night and seeing where in the yard they had carried their bowls to so that I could grab them and take them their food and water.

When we woke up Sunday morning and Emily called me and I saw Evolv shaking by our garden I froze and really didn't know what to do. Seeing him shake in the car with Emily holding him was terrifying. When the vet told us that he was gone my heart sank. When we were escorted back to Tweeg and he was laying there uncomfortable it was awful. Not knowing what was wrong with him was the worst part. Talking to the Vet and knowing that I didn't have the money to save him cause we didn't know what was wrong just made me sick. I will never forget holding Tweeg as he took his last few breaths and just telling him I was sorry. I felt so helpless.

Where to begin with all of my memories of you. I had been telling Emily for awhile that I wanted a dog and one day while she was still working at Lee's she told me there was an ad up for a free puppy. She went and got one and came home with the most adorable black puppy with white toes and a white spot on his chest. I already had his name picked out. I named him Tweeg after the villain from my favorite cartoon Teddy Ruxpin.

When winter came and we were potty training Tweeg we let him in the backyard to go potty and a few minutes later I heard a noise on our front screen door. Tweeg had snuck out through the gate in the back and had walked around to the front door and was pawing at it. It was so cute and we let him in.

When I would do the dishes Tweeg would stand in between my feet and just wanted to be by me.

We took him to obedience class and he learned to sit, come, stay, lay down, and Emily taught him to stand.

When he was sleeping in his Kennel in the basement we would run downstairs every night and he would follow me and sit right in front of it. I would pet him and tell him I Loved him and point to the Kennel and say Tweeg go to your bed and he would walk right in.

Just recently I let Tweeg out when we were shoveling the snow and he wandered off around some of the neighbors drive ways and eventually across 3600 W to the park. After a few more blocks of unsuccessful calling he finally trapped himself in a corner of two fences and as he tried to get by me I was able to dive and tackle him.

He was so quick and he loved when he had something and he knew that I wanted it. He would drop it on the yard in between his legs and just watch me. When I would go for it he would grab it and run around and dodge me. He was so fast and just loved playing keep away.


We got Evolv the day before our anniversary as a friend for Tweeg so that he had someone to play with while we were at work. Evolv was so cute with his little spots on his legs.

Tweeg took awhile to warm up to Evolv and would growl at him when he would try and eat out of his bowl. I loved it. They soon became best friends and could be found laying with each other in the yard basking in the sun. They would play tug of war with sticks and Evolv would chase Tweeg around the yard.

My favorite thing about Evolv was that he loved having his belly rubbed Tweeg never really liked this, I loved on a summer day sitting on the steps and just holding my little puppy and rubbing his belly.

What I will miss most

I never taught Tweeg to play fetch all of the way sometimes he would get the ball and bring it back sometimes he would get distracted and he never quite grasped the concept of bringing it to me and letting go when I grabbed it. I never got to take Tweeg and Evolv on hikes or rock climbing with us where they could just lay in the sun and hang out.

I always wanted to teach Tweeg to catch a frisbee. I miss going out in the morning and telling them excuse me as they would get in my way while I got their bowls.

I didn't take them on enough walks or and didn't spend enough time with them. I never got to say goodbye to Evolv at least I saw Tweeg walk on Sunday and got to hold him as I said my last goodbye,

What I learned from this.

I really didn't think I was this attached to them. I would get frustrated when Tweeg ruined our garden and didn't always come when I called him. Sometimes we couldn't stay the night in Ogden or would have to leave early cause the dogs needed to be fed and that was annoying sometimes. Yet I still loved them and loved when they would be waiting for me at the gate.

This also was a wake up call to how fast we can lose things especially those thing that are so precious and we think that we are going to have forever.

Tweeg and Evolv we miss you and we Love you so much. Thank You for all of the happy memories and smiles that you brought to our faces. If I could tell you anything its we Love you and miss you and we are so sorry that we couldn't do more for you when you needed us most. Tweeg I love you and making the choice to say goodbye to you was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Evolv I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye and that we loved you.


Tweeg- I was so excited to bring you home. I sent Mike a pic and begged him to let me bring you home. It was hard for me at first since I was allergic to you and you kept us up at night. Mike would always get up and take you potty in the middle of the night so I could stay in bed and thats one of the first times I learned while we were married that he would be an awesome dad for our kids. You got so good at doing your tricks and you could even catch the treats in your mouth! You loved to go on walks and you were so good at loose leash walking and walking right by me. You wouldn't jump up on me and I really liked that you wouldn't, but you would jump up on Mike, cuz he loved it and petting you when you would greet him like that. I hated that you would jump in the garden and ruined all my bell peppers but it was funny that you only ruined the bell peppers.. the only thing I was excited for in the garden. You looked like a deer jumping over the fence. You were so cute when you were little and I would throw a towel on you and you would freak out. Or your feet would slip out from under you while you were in the kitchen. You did not like baths. But it was fun to try to give them to you. We miss you and love you a lot and won't ever forget your mischievous personality and the smiles and laughs you gave us.

Evolv- We were on the fence about getting you. You were too cute to not keep though. We brought you home and Tweeg thought you were interesting. He couldn't help but keep coming up and sniffing you. You were so scared though! You would freeze up and let Tweeg smell you. You were so cute and you would sleep on the step and take naps. You had the cutest spots on your legs. You never liked walking on a leash and you liked it when we would let you run free. When you first got out you would get out of our yard and I found you numerous places. I found you in our neighbors yard, one time we thought we even lost you and (my favorite) we found you at our other neighbors while he was washing his car. You were sitting there watching him and then I walked over and called your name. You got so happy and ran right over to me and jumped up on me. I won't ever forget how excited you would get when I came outside, you would jump all the way in the air and do a circle in the air. You made the cutest sounds and you loved getting your belly rubbed. You would pee when you got excited. It was hilarious. We will miss you so much and are sad we don't get to train you how to do all the tricks that Tweeg did.

We can't wait to be with you two again. Please watch over us and know that we are missing you terribly.



Yesterday Mike and I went to the store for a few things. We were going to have spaghetti for dinner and decided to get some french bread. We walked over to the french bread rack and there was someone already there. This man had clothes on like he just got off of work at a mechanic shop, which is fine. But.. as he was browsing through the french bread he was pulling the bread out of the package and looking at it and then putting back. Gross!!! He was TOUCHING the FRENCH BREAD!! Ewwww!!!



So today Mike and I decided to go get the oil changed in the Subaru. Mike has Mondays off but I had taken the Subaru to work today. As soon as I got home we left and we went to get the oil changed. We pulled up to the place and there were a lot of cars there. We walked in and the guy at the desk said it would be a while. We really needed the oil changed so we agreed. We headed across the street to Big Lots and walked down to Kmart. We didn't have any cell phone service in Kmart and while we were walking around a voice mail went through to Mike's phone. It was the guy at the oil changing place and he said he may be closing up early and our car was done. Great. So we left in a hurry and walked REALLY fast to the oil changing place. When we got there they were still open. Thank goodness. We walk in and a guy from the garage came in and checked us out. I was worried about this because even though we had a coupon he needed a synthetic oil change or something which is like 70 or 80 dollars! Anyway, the guy that came in from the garage asked what car we had and we told him and then Mike tried to give him the debit card and the guy said "don't worry about it, its on us". Mike and I were both in shock. We asked if he was sure and he said yeah and we walked out smiling.


Mike and His Back

This pas week has been a difficult one. Last Sunday night Mike and I were cooking dinner and messing around. I hip checked Mike and thought nothing of it but then about 30 seconds later he moved a little bit and had a really bad pain in his back. He hurt so bad!! We tried everything from walking around to loosen a possible muscle spasm, ibeprofen, icing and heating, and trying a back massage. He still hurt in every position he was in whether it was laying down, sitting or standing up. We went to bed that night and hoped he would feel better on Monday. On Monday he still hurt and on Tuesday he was hurting but his back was feeling a little better. On Wednesday he hadn't improved much so I talked to a friend at my work who goes to a chiropractor and gave me his chiro's number. I called the chiropractor and told him I needed to get Mike in that day if possible because he was hurting a lot and thought it may be his sciatic nerve. The chiro was really really nice and even though his day was pretty packed he got us in that evening. We got Mike in and found out he had a bulged disc in his lower back. The chiropractor suggested spinal decompression and an adjustment. So we did both of those and went back Thursday for the same thing. Mike's pain level for his back has been dropping but he is still hurting. He is going back in on Monday and Tuesday. We are really hoping he gets to where he doesn't hurt soon. We have been icing his back a lot and trying to rest him a lot so he is laying down. He has really been working on his posture which should help. We are just hoping it goes away soon and won't bother him anymore!



Well, I made it. I'm 21. I had a great birthday! Mike woke me up by singing his own version of happy birthday. I opened my presents the night before my birthday so I didn't have to wait till after work Mike got me 3 blu ray movies (National Treasure, Get Smart, and Toy Story 3) and he got me some Little Big Planet doll figure things :) Mike took me out to dinner for Chili's and that night he gave me a letter he wrote to me for my birthday saying why he loved me etc. It was sooo cute. At work some of my friends decorated my desk, and they decorated it The Office style. It included half inflated balloons, masking tape, Schrute Bucks and Stanley Nickels. It also had a sign that said "It Is Your Birthday." It was awesome. My friend Jaclyne brought me a pudding for lunch! It was a really good day. At Chili's I got a free chocolate shake cuz it was my birthday!! YUM!



I have no excuse for not blogging. Again. In the last month or two we have made peach jam which turned out delicious, cleaned the whole house including the basement so now we can have company over, went to multiple doctors appointments only to be told nothing is wrong with me, built a dog house, finished painting the house, and a whole bunch of other things.

Medical stuff first. My outer ear infections are now back and bothering me. I need to go back to an ENT but I don't want to go to the same one. I didn't care for him. I've gotten seven UTI's in the past year so after my seventh it was strongly recommended I go see a urologist. I go see the urologist and he told me that was very unusual and very concerning so he decided I needed to go through various x-rays and have a scope done and tests and stuff. After all the painful stuff the doctor told me he couldn't find anything wrong. Which bothers me because its not cheap to go to all of these tests and appointments so to do all that to be told "oh I can't find anything wrong" makes me mad and makes me feel like I wasted a lot of money and time. Blech.

Mike and his dad started building a dog house in the backyard for our dogs. Mike's dad had to leave before it was done, so Fred was kind enough to help Mike fix it. We had Fred over for dinner and it was really fun to see him and play cards. Thanks Steve and Fred!!

The other day we were invited to go to a Jazz game with my uncle Ben and his girlfriend Natalie. We had a lot of fun!! Thanks Ben and Natalie!

We finished painting our house (its about time) and the spare bedroom was painted a light gray. I painted diagonal stripes on two walls and they are blue and red... the Boston Red Sox colors!

I'll have to post pics of the room and the dog house, but I don't have pics of them on my camera and I am too tired right now to go take some.

I am thinking about making my blog private so only those invited can read it. Those of you that have private vs non private blogs what are the pros and cons of doing so?

Love you all!


Long Time..

I have been slacking on the blogging department. Oops!

Mike and I had a wonderful first anniversary! Mike took the day off so we could spend it together. We went to the Bountiful temple did sealings which was really nice. We ate at Chipotle and then came home and watched The Office (one of our favorite pastimes) and that night we went out to Christophers, which is downtown and it is an amazing steak/ seafood house. Our food was AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it. A few hours before we went I called the restaurant and told them I had a letter for Mike I wanted them to bring out. Soo.. the manager on duty and I planned it. So Mike and I got to the restaurant and when we were seated I asked where the restroom was and followed the manager (who seated us) and then I gave him the letter. So we ate and had fun and at the end they brought me out a bread pudding cake thing with chocolate and raspberry stuff and it was amazing. It even had a sparkler in it :) The manager also came out and told Mike that he took the liberty of making him something and gave him a plate with a lid on it. Mike took the lid off and there was my letter I wrote him. I think he liked it! It was an amazing first anniversary. I gave Mike a Nixon watch and on the back I engraved a message for him. Mike gave me this BEAUTIFUL clear plaque thing and wrote something and had it engraved. It is so pretty and I love what he put.

Mike got me flowers last week, which was so sweet of him. They are beautiful and it was the first time he got me flowers. So its special enough to blog about :) He is a sweetheart.

On Sunday we had a family in our ward over for dinner. They are around Mike's age and have two kids. We made Cafe Rio burritos and had watermelon and brownies and Mike made his famous smoothie. The little boy named Jake (around 2 years old) LOVED the smoothie. He is a cutie. After dinner we were cleaning up and I asked if he was done and he said "Yeah.. Can I have a box?" LOL! He wanted a box for his food haha. Hilarious. It was really fun having them over.

That is about all I can think of currently, f I think of anything else that has happened or of importance I will blog about it sooner than 2 weeks after!



We got a new puppy and his name is Evolv. He is so cute! Tweeg really likes him and they play rally cute together. Tweeg has been more mellow now that we have Evolv. They are really cute together.



I wore my chucks today. Its been a while. Believe it or not I've had these shoes since 9th grade. They still fit and they've seen a lot. They and I are really good friends. Its like that old friend you were best of friends with and over time you don't talk as much and don't spend as much time with them. You get other friends along the way, and things happen in life and you are busy and you just don't have time to be with that friend and they get slid to the back of the closet with the newer friends in front. But that friend still holds a special place in your heart. They are still there for you no matter what. And they are waiting in your closet of friends. Waiting to be reconnected with.And once you reconnect with that friend you think, you are so comfy! Why did I ever let you get pushed to the back of the closet? You may not be the prettiest with your rip on the side, you have the triforce and U2 written on you, and your laces are a dull gray. Some of my other friends are more comfy or nicer looking, are lower rise on my ankle and cleaner and newer, but you have always been there. Just waiting for me to pick you back up and wear you. Just waiting for me to slip you on and think of all my good memories while wearing you.We had trying times together, the chucks and I. But they made me invincible.

In 9th grade we knew how to play Sting and the only reason we didn't dominate is because I didn't have a good throwing arm. We had a mean foot in hacky sack though.

In 10th grade we moved schools but made friends pretty fast. I felt like I was being tugged down a little with my current friends and I jumped with those chucks out of my comfort zone and made new friends. Those shoes remember I did track. They remember when I started developing shin splints and it effected my jumping. Being worn fewer and fewer times my chucks still cheered me on from the sidelines. They remember the next year, jumping and this time running in track and rocking the 400. Those chucks remember when I told my coach at a meet I wanted to compete in the 800 and when he laughed in my face but said I could try. They remember when I crossed the finish line triumphantly in 3rd place out of 8.

My little chucks remember in 12th grade, track starting and losing too much weight at the beginning of the season and picking between my job and track. They remember sitting in my closet a lot while I was off at work or hanging out with my friends, but they always waited for my stories next time my feet slid in them and told them of my life adventures.They remember when I got accepted to BYU, how surprising and what an awesome opportunity that was. The triforce and U2 now faded but still edgy on the faces of them as time ticked by. Getting packed to head to Provo.

Cheering me on and making me invincible from the closet, I took a leap and jumped across the ravine to the other side out of my comfort zone. I made friends, I went 80's dancing, I did homework, I got way too little sleep, I got awesome at rock climbing, and I loved it.

They were there when I moved back home and took my job back. I still had those shoes the night I was proposed to and they snuck a peek at my ring through the crack in the closet. They used their laces and feelers like insects to hear my story again and again.They remember getting packed up and thrown into a strange new closet and sat there day after day waiting for their turn. Occasionally it came, and it was wonderful.

Today, I took those chucks out. I dusted them off looking fondly at their dull laces, their faded faces of U2 and the triforce, and slipped them on. Invincible. I could feel my feet relaying every detail of things going on now to my chucks since the last time I wore them. Once my chucks were caught up they said to me "Emily, I may be old but I do know you've got an awesome life." And I said "Yes, chucks I do. And you've made the journey with me. Thanks."

They smiled up at me worn, tattered faded and all. I put them in my closet.. until the next time I need to be invincible.



We are getting stuff out of our garden! Its so exciting! We also have another watermelon growing.. which Tweeg will not get to. Hooray!!


Ears, ENTs and Baby Watermelons

Well everyone, I finally go into an ENT about my ears. For you of those that don't know I have had an outer ear infection in both ears for around 5 years. I've gone to doctors and they always gave me ear drops saying the ear drops would clear it out. Well, they would work for a while, but then the infection would come back. It isn't super painful, but my ears look disgusting and they are always draining fluids and such. I went to a doctor a few months ago and I told her I had used multiple ear drops and would like another solution but she just gave me ear drops again. But a "different" kind. The "different" kind worked for about a week and a half. And then the infection came back. On Tuesday this week my left ear was really bothering me and hurt. It made me dizzy and I felt sick, so I decided I needed to get into an ENT soon. I called and they had a spot open the next day with Dr. Aoki. So I went to the ENT on Thursday and told me I had a "very severe, or chronic, outer ear infection. (DUH) and he went on to say I was one of the worst cases he's seen. (Later that day he had to be to an emergency surgery.. they changed my appointment time because of it.. so I was guessing he was a good doctor because he was going to do surgery. Or they thought he was good because he is Japanese or something like that) He then cleaned out my ears with this tiny tube vacuum thing. He got a lot of stuff out of there and I felt kind of bad cuz I guess the stuff in my ears kept clogging it up a little bit. I've had doctors tell me not to clean my ears with q-tips because my ear canals are too small and if I did I would just push stuff back in my ears and damage them so I figured there was just a bunch of wax or something back there. I felt bad I kept clogging his little tube vacuum and to tell the truth I felt pretty gross that whatever was in my ears was clogging his little tube vacuum. After, I asked if that was all ear wax or what it was. He said "there was some ear wax, some dead skin, mostly pus." WHHHHAAAATTT?! PUS?! In my EARS?! Que freak out inside of me while he is rambling on about pus. PUS.. Ewwwww... Totally grossed out. So, sometimes now I just feel like a giant pus ball is on top of my shoulders. If I knew all that stuff coming out of my ears was PUS I would have gone to see an ENT sooner. GROSS. Anyway, he cleaned out my ears and that kinda hurt and he gave me some more ear drops (go figure, even though I said I wanted to do something else since those don't work evidently) and I have to go back and see him next Thursday. Oh yeah, and I can't get my ears wet. So... no swimming even though my Dad's Client Appreciation Pool Party is on Saturday (It was supposed to be Friday the 6th, but the thunder and lightening would not let the party happen) and I also have to shower with cotton balls in my ears. Not comfortable at all. Now I am just hoping HOPING HOPING this will work and I will be rid of my giant pus head and ear infections forever.

Lately I have been having nightmares again that wake me up multiple times at night so I don't get good sleep and I'm always waking up with my heart pounding or half crying. I hate it. I hope it will stop soon.

Tweeg got a watermelon out of our garden. I was so mad. It was bigger than my hand. Dumb dog. So the next day I went to Lowe's and got a chain and anchor to put in our yard so Tweeg has a 15 feet radius to wander. That worked great.. for a day. Then I woke up this morning and looked out the back window. I thought "where is his collar?" His collar was no where to be found. We still have not found it.So I went and got another one without a clip, so hopefully he will not break free of this one and ruin my other watermelon that is growing.



The dog has ruined almost all my pepper plants. We put a fence up so he would not get in. He jumps over it. He tries to eat my strawberries. The two things I was most excited for, and he ruins it. I hate it. Dumb dog. I even made up a rhyme.

I do not like you Tweeg you are.
I do not like you in my car.
I do not like you here or there.
I do not like you anywhere.

I do not like you in my garden.
I will not beg your pardon.
You ruined it and you do not care.
I will not, WILL NOT share my garden.


Almost There...

Mike and I have almost reached our one year anniversary on August 21. With it drawing closer each day it is increasingly on my mind more and more. Why? Because I think and over analyze things too much.

I have come up with the pros and cons of being married for one year.

I will have been with the love of my life for 1 year, and have amazing memories and will be looking forward to more.
Everyone says the first year is the hardest, and we will have made it through the first year!
We have our routines set up for getting up in the morning, bedtime, meal time, etc.
And more, but I don't feel like typing them right now.

Being married for one year gets closer to the stage where we won't cuddle in bed anymore, when we won't hold hands in public or when we are watching a movie. It gets closer to no more pet names and just being a normal married couple I guess.

Going over the pros and cons I think there are more pros than cons.



Sadly, our vacation is coming to an end. We have had sooo much fun! Most of my pics from our trip are posted on my Facebook account, but here is a sneak peak.

Oneonta Falls

At the baseball game

Safeco Field

Mount Hood

Ponytail Falls


Deep Sea Fishing

On Tuesday we went deep sea fishing! It was Mike, Mike's brother and dad, two of Mike's friends and me. We had to be there by 6:30 to be on the boat and going at 7. We drove down the night before with Mike's friends, Adam and Sean, and stayed at Adam's dad's beach house. We met Steve and Brandon bright and early in the morning. We got on the boat and Mike and I were REALLY excited! Mike had been looking forward to deep sea fishing for WEEKS!! We took off and started our 45 minute journey to the fishing spot. On the way out of the port we saw two seals! As I sat I started to feel sick, so I just prayed I would make it till the time the boat stopped and I figured I would feel better. The boat finally stopped and we were able to stand up and fish. As soon as I stood up and looked at the water I got really sick... Blech. I was the first one on the boat to throw up. I stood there for a minute as everyone else started dropping their lines into the water. One guy on the boat came up and asked "Are you going to fish?" I gave him a dirty look like did you not just see me puke? You were right next to me dummy! Steve told him I was sick so the guy just moved on. Mike started reeling in and dropped his line again but then he got sick so I took his pole. I reeled it in and then threw up again. Both Mike and I sat down and sat down the remainder of our 5 hour trip. We both threw up and dry heaved the rest of the time. It was horrible. I don't think we will ever do deep sea fishing again. Poor Mike. I felt so bad because he was soooo excited! Oh well. Brandon got sick but he never threw up. He said his iron will held the puke in. LOL. My iron will was no match against the sea. After we got off the boat and sat around for a bit Mike and I felt better.

Later that day we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! It was so fun! I will have to post pictures! We saw the cheese makers and how it was packaged and stuff.. it was cool! We also got ice cream. It was DELISH! I got a strawberry cheesecake shake. Mmm mmmm!!!

Mike and I are feeling a lot better and our trip has been so much fun except for those five straight hours of dry heaving and puking. I have some pics up on my facebook already of Mount Hood and some other sights.



I don't really know how t o start this blog post except for Chelle, you may not want to read it. Its one of those lovey mushy gushy ones.

Mike is the best person ever. He is perfect for me. He is laying in bed next to me and all I can do is think of how lucky I am to have him for forever. I am so lucky I get to go to bed with him every night. I get to hold him or be held by him every night. I get to hold his hand while we drive in the car to the grocery store, or to Ogden, or any of our other adventures. I am lucky enough to be the woman he hugs and kisses when he gets home. I get to read scriptures with him every night before bed. I get to be the one who tickles him. I get to be the one who hides from him to scare him when he comes around the corner. I get to make dinners with him. I get to take walks with him around the block. I get to be the one he tries to make laugh. I am lucky enough to be the one who sees every side of his personality. I wish I could somehow convey with words how much he means to me and how much I love him. I am so lucky. He puts up with me, and he loves me. He probably won't read my blog, but if he does.. I love you Mike.



Good news! I applied for a job at Discover.. and got it! I will be off the phones which will be really nice and I will be in the Back Office Support group. I am excited! I will start July 12th, right after we get back from our Oregon trip, which I am REALLY excited for!

This week my mom has been gone at girls camp. I hope she is having fun, and I hope Syd is too! I have not been able to call and talk to my mom at all this week, I miss her!

We are leaving for Oregon on Saturday... WHOOO!!! I will be sure to post pics!



This week I had Wednesday off, and Mike was working so I headed up to Ogden to go to lunch with my mom. We went to one of my favorite places.. Kirts!! I got my usual.. A BLT on wheat bread and a chocolate banana shake. Yum! My mom also got a BLT but she got a Reese's shake. We shared some fries. It was delish, with great company. It was really fun to spend some time with my mom.

Its been raining for the past few days, so we haven't had to water the plants. Our garden is doing good, our corn is starting to come up and we have some peppers coming and some tomatoes on our plants already! Our strawberry patch is looking good, but we need to get out there and weed it.

Tweeg's last dog class is this coming Friday, so we will see if he passes. We had a pretest this last week and he did pretty good except for the stay for 1 minute. It took us a really long time to get us to even get him to stay for 30 seconds, we never got a 1 minute out of him. When we first started trying to teach him stay, he did pretty good and we have tried to work with him on it but he seems to be digressing. So we will see how he does on Friday.

We are going to Oregon soon, and I am super excited! We will also be going to Seattle, it will be a lot of fun. Not to mention a nice getaway from work.


With or Without You

As all of you know, the U2 concert was on June 3rd. As all of you know I LOVE U2 and was so excited to go to their concert. As most of you know, Bono had emergency back surgery in Munich. The concert is postponed. I was so close. SO close to seeing U2 in concert. I hope its not postponed for too long.

Get better soon Bono!!


Worst Dog In The World Award

Sometimes I feel like our dog could win the worst dog in the world award. I still don't like him. We are taking him to obedience classes, which have been nice because he is doing a littler better I guess. But sometimes he still just gets up under my skin. I can't stand him. Still. I feel bad cuz I complain to Mike about it sometimes, and then Mike just tells me "well if you hate him, get rid of him." But if I got rid of the dog, Mike would be unhappy. Plus all the money we have "invested" in the dog. I wish he would just be good. I wish he would not jump up and he would always listen when we tell him to sit or to come. I wish he didn't shed. I feel bad for not liking the dog, but I just don't. I try to like him, I go to his classes and I give him treats and I try to teach hum, but I still don't like him. I can't get rid of him because Mike would be so so so sad. And that's not worth it to me. One day maybe we will have a good obedient dog.

We are trying to build a garden. Or, we are trying to dig out a place for a garden. Its super hard work! It rained a lot earlier so the grass and dirt are coming out easier now, but its still super hard! It will be nice when we get all the little plants in. We are planting corn, tomatoes, onions, green, yellow, red, banana and anaheim peppers, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, lettuce, grapes and cantaloupe. Hopefully it will all fit.. and grow.

Work has been the same lately, I'm not enjoying it at all. They implemented a call tier structure, or they have put in one tier so far. The people on the first tier have like 15 minutes between calls, and the people on my tier are basically back to back calls. Needless to say, I'm not a fan.

Here are some more random facts- I enjoy doing these.

1- When I wear my hair curly at work my coach calls me "Sassy Pants"
2- I think Mac and Cheese and stuffing are a delicious dinner. That is what we are having tonight. We don't mix them together though.
3- I wear orange scrub pants for my PJ bottoms
4- I am going to the U2 concert on June 3rd, and I CANNOT wait!!
5- Today I had a super long nap with my hubby while the rain was pouring outside. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain.

Funny story.

Yesterday Mike and I needed to buy dirt for our becoming garden. We were at Lowe's and I called my dad asking what kind of dirt. We had 3 bags of potting soil. We have never made a garden. The story goes as follows:
Me: Dad we are building a garden and we are getting dirt. We have 3 huge bags of potting soil. Is that what we want?
Dad: Potting soil (chuckles) no you don't want potting soil. You will want a huge bag of peat moss, and some manure, etc etc.

I felt pretty dumb when my dad used his "I can't believe you just said that" voice and chuckled at our attempt to pick out soil. Oh well. We have the right stuff, now we just need to put it in!

I think that is all I have to blog about. Until next time.. just remember
"My awesomeness is only exceeded by my humility"



Its been a while since I blogged. I am exhausted. For the past 3 or so nights I haven't slept good at all. I have nightmares all night and my allergies bug me. So if I'm not waking up cuz my face is itching and I'm uncomfortable I wake up cuz I'm having a horrible dream. Its not fun at all. I'm not sure where all my nightmares are coming from. And they are usually different, but I have had one that is kind of repetitive and I've had it 2 or 3 times in the past week or two. I take an allergy pill in the morning so I don't know if its wearing off by the time go to bed or what. But I'm only supposed to take one every 24 hours. I hope I get sleep soon. I just tried to take a nap. I slept for a whole measly 20 minutes. This is terrible. And I hate the dreams I have.

On a happier note, we are taking Tweeg to his first obedience class tonight! Hopefully he does good and we can get that dog to behave so we can keep him. I told Mike we need a behaved dog or no dog. So we shelled out the money for an obedience class so hopefully it works and we can keep him for Mike's sake. He loves that dog.

Its been snowing a little bit down here. I do not like the snow, and all my neighbors tulips look so sad in the morning with the snow on them. :( And when I drive by the birds and quails on the road they are too cold too fly so do their bird walk away from my passing car. Poor little birds.



Today is my day off work and I have to work Saturday. UGH. I am having a really hard time staying motivated at my job. Sometimes its nice to have a break in the middle of the week though.

Tweeg is getting big. He is learning he is an outside dog! Hooray! Yesterday was a lovely day so we took him on a walk. It was nice. Mike always holds the leash and yesterday he got Tweeg to go around me and they tangled me up.. twice!

Little Big Planet is still awesome. I love that game. I love it even more when Mike plays it with me.

Lately we have been grilling on our grill out back! We would like to get a really nice one eventually but this one works good. Last night we had grilled chicken. May I say that I rock at grilling steaks. Also pork steaks. I learned from my daddy!

Things are going great for Mike and I, we have a lot of fun together. He started his new shift of 6-2:30. A bit of an adjustment! He gets up super early and its hard for me to sleep when he is up and walking around. I hope I'll get used to it. With the warm weather we are going to start working on our yard and stuff!! Whoo hoo!!

I love the spring. All the flowers are blooming.. its warm!! The tree leaves are coming out- popcorn is coming out on the popcorn trees. I can wear my flip flops, my toes aren't constricted in my shoes. My skin doesn't look so white. And mostly I'm so happy. The spring (and summer) makes me so happy. Driving with my window down and the music blasting cures the worst mood. And I love it.



Today I didn't have a very good day at work. When I got home I got in bed and watched Seinfield. Mike calls me when he gets off and tells me he will be home a little late and he is going to get something. I asked him what it was and he said it was a surprise for me!! I asked for a hint, but he wouldn't give me one so I just had to patiently wait. HE got home and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands.. so I do and he puts something in my hands and I open my eyes and it was...

I was so excited! I've been wanting that game for a while, but its been way to expensive. The price finally dropped and Mike got it!!

I went downstairs and played it, I invited Mike to play, but he just laid by me and watched :)

It is so fun! I made my little sack person and he is so cute and its such a fun game! I can't wait till my family comes down so I can show my brothers my little sack person. The best part is you can make him
dance and move his arms and head and hips and you can change his facial expressions and make him happy or sad or grumpy or afraid.

We made one for Mike and his is really cute too. My person was named after Mike's game system so it is Freave 182 and when we made Mike's it named it Freave 182's best
fwiend. Haha!! I love that game so much and it is super fun to play. Mike played a little bit and he liked it a lot too.

When we first got married we were shopping and I pointed the game out and told him I really wanted that game one day and he told me it looked super lame and we would never get it. LOL! But it got an award like game of the year or something, so I guess that changed his mind. Anyway- Its super fun!! I love it!!

Thanks for the
Little Big Planet Mike!! I love you!!



Today I don't really have anything to blog about. I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging.

The first song playing on my blog has been one of my favorites for a long time. I can't remember for how long but I love this song, and I really could listen to it for hours.

Lately I've been thinking how fast life goes by and how things happen that you never expect, but things always turn out.

I never thought I'd be married by 20, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Sometimes I get a little down cuz a lot of my friends are halfway through school or getting close to the end. And I have taken one semester. But then I think if I would rather be halfway through school, or if I'd rather be married to Mike. I would so much rather be with my love than halfway through school. I'll find some time to do it.. one day.

Being married is hard sometimes. And sometimes we have arguments. But its what we do after the arguments that matter. Mike is the best example of this ever. If we ever get in an argument, afterward he always gives me a hug and tells me he loves me.

My husband gets more good looking everyday. I often wonder how I got so lucky.

Today we finished all the Teddy Ruxpin episodes. Let me tell you, what a cliff hanger. And there are no more episodes :(

I think that is all I have to say for today.

PS. I hate the snow.


Just Some Stuff

Hello all! I figured this is the ideal time to blog, I am stuck between two males on a couch. They are tunneling on "THE GAME". I love how with men its always "did you catch THE GAME?" No need to specify. They are all on the same wavelength and no matter how many games are on, they all know which one is "THE GAME".

This week Mike's family has been in town. Its been fun having them here. March Madness is what they get together for every year and they fill out brackets and its like a huge thing. We went to two games Thursday and we are going to one on Saturday. Its a little weird having a game we always need to be watching, but if everyone else is having fun, I'm having fun. I'm still trying to adjust to the sports mentality that Mike has. Even though we've been married for 7 months and he doesn't watch too many games, its still an adjustment. One thing I hate though.. there is never ever a break from sports. Ever. Baseball, football, basketball. Start over. Just as long as I don't get ignored I'm okay..

For some reason this week has been hard for me and I'm not sure why. I've just been really emotional. I'm always an emotional person, but this week I've been crying a lot and my feelings get hurt super easy and its just weird. I think I'm doing okay now though.

I think I am going to start looking for a job again. I don't like my job at all. I especially hate when my TL listens to my calls and tells me I "need to promote the Brand" and whatever and I just think in the back of my head "why would I ever do that?". Super unorganized at my job and I just don't enjoy it at all. So if anyone hears of any jobs out in the West Valley area that I would be able to do and pays $11.50/hr or more, let me know.

Today was a good day. I got off work early, and we all went to AppleBee's! After that, Mike his 2 older brothers, his parents and I all went and did sealings and the Oquirrh (or however it is spelled) Temple. It was the first time I have done that, besides our wedding. It was really nice.
We came back and started cleaning the house! Thank you Brenda, Steve and Brandon for helping!! After that, Fred, Janet, Jade and Jasi came over. We ate pizza, played Apples to Apples and Cranium. It was so fun!! Funny story.

We were split up into teams and one person on the team had to act like someone. The person was Gandhi. So Jasi and Jade were on a team with Brandon. Jade was acting it out and she said "I'm bald and I'm never going to eat again" and Brandon guessed Britney Spears. LOL! I thought I was going to die laughing.

Mike starts training for his new job on MONDAY! He is so excited! He will do great!! Way to go Mike!!

Today we got a KitchenAid blender.. YEEEAH! Mike made Orange Julius's.. they were delish. That is his specialty.

I think that is about all for now. Love you all!


Basketball, Dog, Birth Control, Funny Stuff

First of all.. my husband is having a three week affair with another woman named March Madness. I can't wait till I have him back.

Haha! Its not that bad. As you all probably know March Madness has started. And as all of you probably don't know I have hard feelings toward March Madness from last year. What happened you may ask? Let me tell you. Pretty sure KoriAnn remembers. I think I texted her a lot during that episode. (And no Mike, I will never let this go. Never) Last year Mike took a trip to Oregon for March Madness from like a Wednesday to a Sunday or something like that. We were dating pretty seriously at the time. So Mike went to Oregon to watch some games and be with his family. Fine. What did he not do his whole trip? He did not call his girlfriend. FOR A WEEK he did not call me. Why? March Madness. I now have hard feelings toward March Madness, and always will.

As a side note, I am excited to see how I do on my brackets. I filled out 6.

Tweeg's big thing for a few weeks now is waking up between the hours of 1 AM and 4 AM. I hate it. I keep wondering why did I get that dog. Mike is a big sweetheart, he gets up and lets Tweeg out. Tweeg used to be just fine and everything before, no peeing in his cage or anything, but now he thinks its fun to bark in the middle of the night. Dumb dog. Mike won't let me get a shock collar or Tweeg would have one by now.

Currently for birth control I'm on the Nuvaring, and am thinking about switching to the shot. Does anyone have any insight on this? It probably would be more cost effective, but I'm just afraid with the switch that I would get prego or something.

Funny stuff. Today I had a guy call in and while I was talking to him about opening an account he asked if he could speak to someone else. So I transferred him to someone else. Apparently I am incompetent.

I was talking to Syd today and we were talking about the different stuff we used to tease Aimee about. (Sorry Aimee!) Anyway- a few things that I find funny. One time we were cleaning the kitchen and said Aimee had a dirty blond hair color. Aimee insisted it was "gold" so the rest of the night Syd and I would try to get a hair or two and said we wanted to take it to the bank so we could get rich.
Another time when we went to the Windrivers we went fishing and Aimee caught a fish and wanted to name it Bob. Well, I thought that was lame, so I renamed the fish Lame Name. We teased her the rest of the day about her fish named Lame Name, Aimee is still a little sour about that one I think. We were a little mean. Sorry Aimee!

My sisters are great. I love them both a lot- we have good times!
PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMEE! She is now 18. Wow!

Mike has a new position at work! He starts next week. He will still be on the phone but he will be working with prepaid cards I think instead of credit cards. Go Mike! He is really excited to switch departments and have more opportunities to advance.

I don't think I really have anything to blog about, I just figured it was time for an updated blog post.

I am hungry. Mike wanted to make curry tonight, but I told him no because last time I tried curry at a Thai restaurant it tasted like the smell of fireworks.

Funny comments from Mike while laying in bed last night.
I said something that spurred this conversation on and the rest goes as follows:
Mike: I have the heart of a dove.
Me: (giggles) A dove? What its super small or what?
Mike: No, I strive constantly for peace.
Me: Oh yeah?
Mike: Yes. And to occasionally be covered in chocolate.

LOL! He makes me laugh so hard.

That is all for now. Wish me luck surviving March Madness.


100 Random Facts

Hello all! This blog post is going to be 100 things about me. Feel free not to read as it may be a long blog post and some numbers may be rated PG-13.

1- I do not like potato chips. Lays, Ruffles, Pringles.. yeah, I don't like them.
2-I also do not like root beer, licorice, carrots, oatmeal, coconut, coconut flavored foods, foods with coconut on them or in them, and I do not care for hamburgers.
3- My family makes the best salsa ever.
4- They also make the best jams ever. No debate.
5- I am very stubborn.
6- In my opinion the worst food I ever ate was an Almond Joy. Yuck.
7- I hate the winter.
8- I love listening to my mom play the piano. She is sooo good at it!
9- The song I love listening to her play most is The Music Box Dancer. I could listen to her play that all day long.
10- My sister Sydney likes my dance to "Some Days Ya Gotta Dance" by the Dixie Chicks.
11- I honestly thought I would never see my husband and I would feel like I was single when we got ESPN. I still see him though and things are going good for now. I just hope it stays this way.
12- I am a very very very jealous person. I don't mean to be.. its just one of my flaws.
13- I can't talk to Mike about his past flings or whatever, even though he is married to me and its in the past, cuz I get jealous. Pathetic, I know.
14- I am nervous that I will skip a number on here.
15- Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a heart of ice and I am not the Ice Queen.
16-I do not like our dog. I don't know why I don't, I just don't. I won't ever like him. I feel bad about it, but thats just how it goes.
17- I do not enjoy my job.
18- Ever since we got married, something changed and now I do not ever want kids.
19- Maybe that will change, but as for now, I am not ever wanting kids.
20- The other day a guy that called in and in the conversation asked if I was Mormon. And I told him yes I am.
21- I wish I was still going to school and was half done by now.
22- I love being married, but sometimes I wish I did more things with my girlfriends when I was single.
23- I think my husband is soooo hot. Especially with facial hair.
24- Sometimes I miss wearing my cute underwear from Victoria's Secret.
25- I love that's what she said jokes.
26- I like playing the guitar, but I'm not very good.
27- I don't have very many hobbies, and as a result I feel like I'm missing a lot of things in life.
28- I like playing Zelda. A lot.
29- I rock climb, and I am good at it.
30- I can be a little cocky at times (see 29), but its just because I really am what I say I am.
31- Watching a lot of TV or playing a lot of video games gives me a really bad headache.
32- I rock at DDR.
33- Three is my favorite number.
34- I usually can't ever decide on what my favorite color is. Its always a draw between pink, blue, orange and green.
35- I love chocolate banana milkshakes. Especially if it is from Kirts.
36- I love Kirts BLT's. They are divine.
37- Cafe Rio is delicious. Whenever I go there I get the same thing. That would be a roast beef burrito, enchilada style, black and pinto beans, mild sauce, and to stay with a cup for water.
38- Whenever the people at Cafe Rio ask me what I want I freak out on the inside, and I forget what I want momentarily.
39- I hate talking to people I don't know on the phone. Ironic.
40- I love lovin' my husband.
41- Mike gives me the most yummy kisses. He has super soft, luscious lips and its awesome every time we kiss.
42- Seinfield is one of my favorite shows to watch.
43- I love watching the Office and also How I Met Your Mother.
44- I have my YW Medallion. (And you don't-- in your face Aimee!)
45- Last year in March I was ignored by my boyfriend for basketball games. He didn't call me his whole entire trip to Oregon. I now have hard feelings for March Madness.
46- Later that year I married that boyfriend.
47- The lady I visit teach with gets on my nerves because she calls me too much.
48- I say botato instead of potato.
49- Mike says I over enunciate the letter G if its in the middle of a word, like Wingers and hanger.
50- I love the movie Labyrinth.
51- I wish I was a 10.
52- I give freaking awesome birthday presents if I can afford it. Just ask Mike.
53- I'm a very emotional person.
54- My feelings get hurt easily sometimes.
55- I cry easily!
56- I cried at the end of the third LOTR movie.
57- I hate scary movies.
58- I have to fall asleep with the light on and reading my scriptures if I watch a scary movie or hear a really scary story.
59- I like playing Scattergories a lot, even though Mike always wins.
60- I like taking super hot showers.
61- That results in overheating myself and the bathroom steaming up really bad so I can't breathe and I almost pass out.
62- I've never passed out from doing that.
63- I love my ring that Mike got me.
64- I hate not having my toenails painted.
65- I check FB daily.
66- One of my goals was to kiss a black man.
67- I never kissed a black man.
68- I am married so I never will kiss a black man.
69- I've had dreads in my hair before.
70- I loved having dreads but I combed them out for two reasons. 1- I did not want my dad to cut them out. 2- I did not want to get dumped by my boyfriend.
71- The night my friends and I put dreads in my hair we went to Walmart because my friend Rachel wanted to show me off.
72- Saves the Day is a band I really like.
73- When I pack my lunch I pack the bread with PB on it and I pack the jam or honey separately so the jam or honey doesn't soak into the bread.
74- I wish my boobs were bigger.
75- When I was little I used to drink warm water when I ate ice cream if my mouth got too cold.
76- I still drink warm water when my mouth gets too cold from eating ice cream.
77- When I eat ice cream I put the spoon in my mouth upside down.
78- I hate germs.
79- I usually drink about 32 oz or more of water daily.
80- I hope I don't live in Utah for my whole life.
81- I hate going places by myself.
82- I think public restrooms are disgusting.
83- I hate getting the oil in my car changed.
84- I really like playing cards. Especially Philadelphia.
85- Killer whales are my favorite marine animal and tigers are my favorite land animal.
86- I like the feel of dolphins.
87- My birth control I'm on makes me want to eat Spongebob mac and cheese a lot.
88- I enjoy taking pictures.
89- I enjoy going to sporting events, but I do not enjoy watching them on TV.
90- I have the World of Warcraft Game Feul Mountain Dews. Both flavors. They still have not been opened, and I have not tasted them.
91- I collect PEZ dispensers and I think I am in the sixties with them right now.
92- I love to be cuddled, held, hugged, kissed, touched, hand held, etc etc by my hubby.
93- I don't mind loading a dishwasher, but I hate washing pots and pans by hand.
94- I secretly like having small hickeys on my neck that I can cover up with my hair so no one sees.
95- I'm not looking forward to when Mike and I are married long enough that we don't hold hands when we go out, don't cuddle at night, don't kiss as much, etc but I know its coming.
96- Every night I always make sure the last thing I say to Mike is "I love you" so just in case one of us dies then the last words heard and said was I love you.
97- Cantelope makes my throat and lips and mouth itch a lot but I still eat it occasionally because it is so delicious.
98- I want to go to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday.
99- I like having breakfast for dinner once a week.
100- I have the best husband ever and he is super good at lovin' me.

The End.



We wanted to make a cake with these cool new things Mike's aunt Elva got us! It is pretty sweet, I have no clue what it is called though. The problem was.. Mike wanted a vanilla frosting and I wanted chocolate. He is at basketball right now. Little does he know...


Ha! Joke is on you Mike! I HATE vanilla frosting!!

Have fun eating a



I might start calling you Bruce Bogtrotter now ;) Just kidding. Love you!


Bad Week.

WARNING: This could possibly turn out to be a post where I complain about almost everything, so feel free not to read it.

Bad Week. It has been a bad week. I can handle a bad day here and there but a bad week is just plain HARD to cope with. I was sick this past weekend, which wasn't fun but I am glad I got better fast so I was able to work on Monday. However.. My poor hubby got sick! I felt pretty bad for him. So I had to take care of him. Which I don't mind doing it but it gets a little hard when I have a lot of other stuff that needs to get done too! The laundry didn't get done, but I got Mike taken care of and he got better pretty quickly so that is good.

At the beginning of this week I found out I was no longer insured. My benefits at work stopped with the beginning of the year. They were supposed to roll over and just keep going into to 2010, but why would they if you are having a bad week? In the next month-ish I was planning on going to the doctors to get my ears checked out. If some of you didn't know I've had ear problems for the past few years, and they really hurt a lot sometimes and I can't hear very well out of my left ear. Well, sometime this week my ears started bleeding. Not from the inside of my ears or whatever, so that is good, but they started bleeding from the tops of the ear canal I guess is where it is. They aren't bleeding a lot or anything, just occasionally. And this couldn't happen when I had insurance. Nope. So anyway- to get the insurance fixed. I need to write an appeal, send it to NJ, then they get to review it for up to 90 days and possibly add 30-6o days to that then its not a guarantee that I'll get insurance. So I am like paranoid that I'm going to break my leg or something and it will thousands and thousands of dollars. Hopefully it works out soon. It just makes me mad because EVERYONE else in my training class did the EXACT same thing I did and they all have insurance and they are all fine. And instead of HR being like "oh for some reason yours didn't roll over, we will just fix that cuz everyone else's did and the system had a glitch" I have to write an appeal and all of this stuff.

Its been the week of tons of bad luck stuff. Just the little tiny things that would happen when its a bad week that wouldn't happen on any other week. Like you never spill your cereal ever except for just this one time or you drop toothpaste on your shirt or you burn yourself straightening your hair or your shower is cold or dumb little things like that.

Interjection. I miss my mom. She is in Costa Rica and I have not been able to talk to her all week and I miss her. I love Mike and I love when he hugs me and talks to me about things to make me feel better but there are just very occasional times I just want to talk to my mom and tell her my bad day story!!

Mike has been gone since Thursday night. Well, that is partly a lie. Thursday night he went to play basketball and he gets home after I'm asleep so I don't see him. Friday morning I saw him for like 20 minutes but we are getting ready for work. He left for a camp out right after work so I didn't really get to see him. I went up to Ogden to spend the night at my parents house with my siblings, because I don't like being all alone! So I head up there and Mike's thing was in Ogden so he stopped by to get some food and provisions, so that was nice to see him for just a little bit. I forgot Tweeg's dog food at my house, so I went to my grandparents house and commandeered some. I hope they were okay with that.. I left a nice little note that rhymed for them. Syd and Aimee and I had fun. Deb came over and we watched Fever Pitch! It was fun. But guess what. My dumb dog kept whining. And when I went downstairs he would bark. And he was in his little cage and I couldn't let him out because he was too hyper plus I did not want him running around my parents house. So I decided I better take the dog home because he would not shut up and I was just sure he would bark all night in the garage in his cage. So, I packed my dumb loud dog in the car and sadly left Ogden. I was looking forward to being with my siblings. But no. The dog wouldn't shut his mouth. I hate that dog.

Thursday was a horrible day. I talked to the same senile lady on the phone TWICE. Long day. Mike lost his wedding ring at his work. Thursday night I had an Emily moment and slammed the door and the full size mirror on the back of the door came down and shattered all over our bedroom. 7 years of bad luck. Great. Mike played basketball on Thursday night. Which I really don't mind if he does, but I kinda wanted to be with him that night and play Scattegories or watch a movie since I wouldn't be seeing him till later Saturday. But no. Why would anything work out the way I want it to in a bad luck week?!

One piece of good luck. Mike checked the lost and found at work.. someone turned his ring in.

He will never be taking that ring off his finger to wash his hands again. EVER.

Funny quotes of the week.

Me: "Well sir you can set up an account online at or you can set one up over the phone."
Sir: "I am just looking around to see what looks most attractive. I'm sure you personally look most attractive, but I'm going to shop around a little more."


(while driving in the car with Syd)
Syd: "Does it ever feel like the back of the car isn't there and its just you and the other person and the front of the car?"
Me: "No, because I look at the rear view mirror a lot."
Syd: "To make sure the back of the car is still there?"

I am thinking that this next week will be a good one. This week has been pretty sucky, so I'm sure next week will be extra good to compensate.. I hope.


My Sweet, Endearing Husband

Here is a conversation Mike and I just had. I thought I was going to die laughing.. when he said what he did.

Me: What, you don't want to kiss me right now? (As I leaned in for another kiss). You used to kiss me a lot more when I was your girlfriend.
Mike: Well, we are married now.
Me: But that doesn't mean you can't kiss me! You used to say a lot more sweet things to me when we were dating too.
Mike: (laughing) I know I did.
Me: Well, I wish you would say more sweet things to me now even though we are married. It would be nice, I really liked it.
(I lean in for a hug)
Mike: Mmmm, you smell like pancakes.
Me: Pancakes? I do not.
Mike: I was saying something sweet. You miss when I would say sweet stuff to you, I was making a sweet comment.


Indian Man

I was recently on the phone with a man with an accent.. not trying to be racist here, but he had an Indian accent. You know, the people with the names with 36 letters and it consists of 2 vowels and the rest consonants and when they say thank you it sounds like "dank yoou" Anyway.. he gave me a really good quote.. imagine it in the accent, it makes it better.

Man: "And could I put a POD on the account, or payable on death, just in case me and my wife got dead?"

Yep. Got dead.


Shopping Carts, System Crashes, Paint and the Dog

Dear Readers,

It has been a busy couple of weeks. The outline of the blog goes as follows. A- Shopping Carts. B- System Crashes. C- Paint and the Dog.

We will start off with A- Shopping Carts. Mike and I go to the store weekly. Sometimes bi-weekly. We can't stock our fridge with enough milk to last us for more than a week. We need a bigger fridge. Anyway- so we go to the store and I hate toughing the cart. There are so many germs in the store! Mike always gets the cart and pushes it. So I am standing in the store and waiting for Mike to get the cart. Mike comes in the store with the cart and its one of the smaller ones that is normal height but has the basket on top and on bottom. He tells me to sit in it and I tell him no. Then he says something like "oh Em why won't you do it" or something like that so I sit in the cart and he starts running with me in it. Like a full sprint down the cereal aisle. He let go of the cart at one point but grabbed back on, and he screeched to a halt when we came out of the end of the aisle. There was a few people and they were looking at us weird. Oh well. I was pretty embarrassed.

B- I crashed a system at work. The whole West Vally City location could not use that system. And still cannot. I broke it like just over a week ago.

C- Our house is almost all the way painted! Thank you Steve Lowder for helping us with all the home projects!! If anyone wants to come visit and see, you are more than welcome to come take a look-sie!

Well, I am getting tired and ready for bed, so I will blog on a later date!
Farewell Readers!