Family photo

Family photo


Long Time..

I have been slacking on the blogging department. Oops!

Mike and I had a wonderful first anniversary! Mike took the day off so we could spend it together. We went to the Bountiful temple did sealings which was really nice. We ate at Chipotle and then came home and watched The Office (one of our favorite pastimes) and that night we went out to Christophers, which is downtown and it is an amazing steak/ seafood house. Our food was AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it. A few hours before we went I called the restaurant and told them I had a letter for Mike I wanted them to bring out. Soo.. the manager on duty and I planned it. So Mike and I got to the restaurant and when we were seated I asked where the restroom was and followed the manager (who seated us) and then I gave him the letter. So we ate and had fun and at the end they brought me out a bread pudding cake thing with chocolate and raspberry stuff and it was amazing. It even had a sparkler in it :) The manager also came out and told Mike that he took the liberty of making him something and gave him a plate with a lid on it. Mike took the lid off and there was my letter I wrote him. I think he liked it! It was an amazing first anniversary. I gave Mike a Nixon watch and on the back I engraved a message for him. Mike gave me this BEAUTIFUL clear plaque thing and wrote something and had it engraved. It is so pretty and I love what he put.

Mike got me flowers last week, which was so sweet of him. They are beautiful and it was the first time he got me flowers. So its special enough to blog about :) He is a sweetheart.

On Sunday we had a family in our ward over for dinner. They are around Mike's age and have two kids. We made Cafe Rio burritos and had watermelon and brownies and Mike made his famous smoothie. The little boy named Jake (around 2 years old) LOVED the smoothie. He is a cutie. After dinner we were cleaning up and I asked if he was done and he said "Yeah.. Can I have a box?" LOL! He wanted a box for his food haha. Hilarious. It was really fun having them over.

That is about all I can think of currently, f I think of anything else that has happened or of importance I will blog about it sooner than 2 weeks after!