Family photo

Family photo


Christmas Tag

I was this on Britt's blog and I wanted to do it.. so here it is!

a. Egg- Nog or Hot Chocolate?HOT CHOCOLATE!!! It depends on the time of the day! If its anytime during the day its eggnog usually, but if its at night I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE!

b. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? He wraps most of them and then puts them by our stockings that are set out on the furniture.

c. Colored or clear lights (house/tree)? I like the white lights! Or clear.. whatever. I think they are so pretty. But on Temple Square I really like how they have different colors everywhere.

d. Do you hang mistletoe? No, but that might be fun to do.

e. Hardest person to buy for? Hmm. I think this year it was Mike. (Not my dad, my boyfriend. LOL)

f. Real tree or Artificial? REAL!! They smell so GOOD and they are so big (at least when we would get one). But now we have to have a fake tree because Joshua is allergic.

g. Mail or email Christmas cards? MAIL!!! MAIL MAIL MAIL MAIL MAIL!!!

h. Favorite Christmas Movie? Polar Express! And Elf.

i. When do you start shopping for Christmas? After Thanksgiving usually

j. Favorite Christmas song? Pachelbel meets U2. I have a lot of favorites but I can't remember them all. I don't like the Christmas Shoes one though, its so sad, I get teared up every time I hear it and I don't like crying because once I start crying I cry for a long time.

k. Open presents Christmas Eve or morning? Last year we opened one on Christmas Eve and it was pajamas! But I have no idea what is happening this year.

l. What do you want for Christmas this year? Shaky. Other than that.. nothing. I keep getting asked what I want and I really have no clue what I want. I am just excited to see all my family and be together and have everyone so happy.



Well, this week has been going pretty slow because Mike is in Oregon. I don't get to see him this weekend, so there is really nothing to look forward to. Classes ended this week, so thats nice. I am looking forward to selling my books back!!! Whoo, that will be my most favorite thing ever. The other day I went rock climbing up Rock Canyon with my rock climbing buddy named Sean. Yesterday Hope and I got lost. We spent almost 2 hours trying to find an America First. Here is the story:
I needed to go to the bank, and Hope said she would give me a ride there (oh the joys of not having a car). Well, I looked up the address and it said it was in Macey's and it was on 1400 N State Street. So we are about to leave and I show the address to Megan. And she said "oh that is right by University Mall!" and Hope and I are like "Really?" So we leave and we head over to by the mall. And We go in the MACY'S, (the department store) and we go in and we are like "WHAAAAA??" so we kinda walk around, just making sure there wasn't an America First there. Well, we go to the car and we see State Street. So, we start heading north on it.. to 1400 N right? Well we pass a MACEY'S on the way there. We reach 1400 N.. nothing! So we go back to the Macey's.. nothing! So I call my dad, because he knows literally everything. Well, too bad he didn't pick up. I leave a message saying we need directions. So I call my mom! She gives me the directions we needed, and it turned out to be the place we would have initially gone if Megan hadn't told us the other place, haha!!! So it took us almost 2 hours to fin the right place and get back home! The place that really had America First was maybe like a 3 or 4 minute drive from our apartment. Mmmhmm. Tonight was the ward Christmas party and it was really fun. We had a good time. Well, now we are going to watch Elf. So I will write more later!!



The back of my hair, before we took the rubber bands out.
This picture is called.. I amd DREADING what my parents might say.

Am I really cool enough to sport these?! I think so.

The tangled top
I accidentally put this pic up twice. But this time my face is saying.. GAHH!!!

I did dreads in my hair. I've wanted to do it for forever.. and all those times that I teased my mom about doing it.. well, we did it. And yes, I can wash my hair.


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The GOOD- Well, lets start with Thanksgiving Break part 2! On Thursday (Thanksgiving!) Mike came up and spent Thanksgiving with my family and I! It was the greatest. He likes my family and my family likes him! So no hatred problems there. That is probably my best Thanksgiving ever. He is so great. After the big feast we went to Grandma Medsker's after a little while, and we played some cards. After grandmas we went home and watched a movie, we watched Just Like Heaven cuz Syd wanted to. Mike is such a good sport, watching chick flicks and everything! He is a cutie, just really awesome. Friday was family time day, and I hung out with my family all day. That was really fun. Saturday Mike came up again and he helped put up our Christmas lights outside and hung out with me and the family all day again. He must really like me, because there have been a few moments with my family where I really thought he might just break up with me and never tlak to me again. LOL. We had stir fry that night and it was SO good! We watched some football and ended up watching Spiderman 3. Have I mentioned Mike is totally the best ever?! Sunday I went to church and that was great, and after I went up to G&G Medsker's, they were watching the Emma Smith movie, and that was a tear jerker. After that my family came up and we played Philadelphia but I had to leave in the middle because I had to go home and pack. After a tearful goodbye I headed home with Aimee where she helped me pack. Jaime came and picked me up around 5. Him and Christian and I headed to SLC where Jaime had a practice at the tabernacle there. We went to his practice. Well, Christian and I got a little bored, and Jaime's car was parked under the Conference Center so we decided to go back and I would play guitar and Christian would sleep.

THE BAD- We got to the car, opened the door. And no guitar. Also.. 2 laptops missing and a bookbag full of schoolbooks. OUCH! There goes our good night! I called home and asked what I should do, my dad said to call the police. Christian txt Jaime and told him, I called 911 and they said they would have an officer call me. Jaime showed up with a Guest Services guy who called church security. The sad thing is when we got out of the car I said "Should we lock the doors?" and Jaime said no and so we just went. It was a little odd, the 2 laptops, the bookbag, and the guitar was taken. But my Ipod was left and so was Jaime's stereo system that isn't set up and is just chilling in the back of the car. The trunk was also forced open, and nothing was touched that was in the trunk. It was a little weird. We were all pretty ticked. Church security came and took down notes and Jaime's number. We left and the cop called me. So I was on the phone with him and The smart boys up front got us lost LOL. So we finally found our way to the freeway, and we had to go to the airport. And I am thinking "WHAAAA?! I WANNA GO HOME!!" Well, we finally get to the airport, take the shuttle, pick up Roman, and then start heading back. I decided a chocolate shake and a roast beef sandwich from Arby's might make me feel better. So. We get to Provo, go to the closest Arby's and its closed. (BTW, it was after 12 so it was Monday morning not Sunday night.. I made sure of that Bishop!) I made some statement about "drowning myself in my cereal bowl" or something like that. It was a legit bad night. I finally get to my apartment at 1:10! AGHHH... So I go in and start unpacking. I ate some Ramen and decided I was really tired and I would just take a little rest. So I get on the couch with my blanket and pillow.

THE UGLY- Yeah, nice little rest til 10 AM! I missed my first 2 classes. Well, on my way out the door I remembered I needed my keys, so I turned around really fast just as the door shut. Well, I didn't have time to get it unlocked now so I figured I would do it after school. So I go to my class and before class starts I check my Facebook, and my roomie is on! And she usually gets home around the same time as me, except for when she has homework and stays later at the library. So I Facebook message her and we talk about Thanksgiving for a minute. Then I IM and ask her when she is going to be home. No response. So I said I locked my keys in the apartment. No response. A few minutes later she signs off. Sigh.Well, I start walking home and her Facebook status said something about leaving her phone at her apartment. And I think "well, I will txt her and if I get a txt back then she is home and I don't have to go rent out a key" So I don't get a txt back and so I go rent a key. But I guess she was at the apartment. So I go return the key. I go back to my apartment and turn my music and am jamming. And my roomie calls. And I answer my phone and she asks me to take her tripod to her. She was on campus. Campus is a half hour walk from my house. Sigh. I just said I would take it to her. Hooray for exercise. That is about it for my adventures so far. I love you all!