Family photo

Family photo


Pretty but weird!

So these flowers are so pretty! I love the yellow and red. But, they didn't grow UP at all. Just kind of bloomed on the ground. And there are a few flowers all bunched together on one plant! The most I have together is 4! Crazy!!


They Have Bloomed!

Some of them have finally bloomed! I have waited soooo long!



I love spring. I love the leaves coming out on the trees and the sound of the birds. I love the grass turning green and going on walks. I love going to the park with my boo and throwing around a football or softball. I especially love the flowers.

But there is one thing I don't like about spring... WAITING!

My flowers are SOOOO close to blooming, and I can't take the waiting! Every day I get home and just hope that they are finally opening, but they still haven't! I hate waiting for my flowers to bloom! I wish they would just bloom!


Lunch and a Mike-ism

Monday is Mike's day off. And I work. Well, yesterday Mike decided to be super super sweet and took me to Cafe Rio during my lunch break at work! He is the best!


Mike: You've taught me a lot of stuff since we've been married.
Me: Really? Like what?
Mike: You taught me about periods.




With the spring coming I have been thinking about our dogs and what fun things we would be able to do with them this summer. Tweeg would've been big enough to take to Goblin Valley in June and Evolv could've stayed back and played with cousin Rigby. Waffles is so fun and cute but sometimes I just miss my other dogs.

Waffles does things that remind me of Tweeg sometimes. When I take her on her walk every day sometimes she looks up at me and walks a few feet staring up at me with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Tweeg used to do that.

It snowed last night and Waffles absolutely loves the snow. We have a bell hanging up and she rings it when she needs to go out and she has rung that bell a lot today to just go outside and play in the snow! Mike just barely asked me if I could see what she was doing outside by the neighbors fence. I got up and looked out the window.. she had Mike's shoe in the snow and was shaking it all over and loving the laces! Haha! I told him and he stuck his head out the door and told her "No! Bring it back!" I told him "she doesn't know bring it back yet" so he had to go out and get his shoe. Hilarious.

One time Waffles peed on Mike's arm. We had fallen asleep watching TV late one night and she was cuddled up against Mike. All of a sudden, Mike jumped up, and said "Ah Waffles you gotta be kidding me!" His whole arm of his t-shirt was soaked! I thought it was really funny and I didn't even mind cleaning the pee up off the couch.

Waffles is so fun. We love having her and we are hoping she stays around for a lot longer than Tweegy and Evolv!