Family photo

Family photo


Disney on Ice

At the beginning of March we went to Disney on Ice! It was a good time. I won tickets off the radio (Thank you 98.7!) I had to answer 3 out of 5 random questions correctly. Here are the questions I had to answer, and my answers.

What was the lead singer's name of the band Aerosmith? "Steven Tyler."
What is another fruit besides an orange that is the color orange? ".... a clementine!"
How many people were on Gilligan's Island? "5! No, 7! No.. 5. I don't know. 5."
Which direction do NASCAR drivers drive around the track? "Ummm... forward?" At this point, the radio people started to laugh.
What does the AC stand for in ACDC which has to do with electricity? I couldn't remember this one for the life of me. My mind blanked. All I could think of was DC is direct current. 

Lucky for me, they accepted "forward" as an answer and "clementine" and I won tickets to Disney on Ice.

The show was great, I was really impressed with the ice skates. When they did Tangled they actually did some of their routines in the air by holding onto these looong yellow fabric things that were hanging down from the light racks up above. It was really fun!