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Family photo



Sydney-ism: "I used to think hobos lived at the church. But then I found out they live at the Hobo Center"



Okay, so I know I'm AGAIN slacking in the blogging department. I will get better.. hopefully. Today was Sunday. I went to the Spanish ward because one of my friends is leaving on his mission. So I went to his ward (at 9).. talk about early.. and I get there about 10 minutes early. Well, by the time I find out they are handing out headsets the meeting is about to start so I figure I won't get one. Then I find out that there weren't anymore anyway. It was really cool to just listen to the whole meeting in Spanish. I could pick out a few words here and there but I think I need to learn Spanish. It was a really cool meeting. It was also really nice to see my friends there that I haven't seen in a while. After that I went to my home ward. The talks were good, it was FREEZING FREEZING FREEEEEEEEZING in the chapel today. Whoo, I am surprised I made it out of there alive. Good thing I have little gentleman brothers who will let me use their suit jackets. After church Syd and I headed up to Grandma Medskers house. We were the first ones up followed by J&J&J&J (Jonathan, Janet, Jasmine, Jade). The J's and Syd and Grandpa played Bum Scum. I took a nap and woke up for dinner. My family wasn't there yet, which was a little odd. Well, we ate Parmesan chicken and it was DELISH and I tried calling my family. No one answered at home. They came in the door about 5 minutes later and my mom had made cinnamon rolls. Oh boy were those good!!! After that the twinkies and I took a walk and the others played a card game I think. After that we listened to grandma tell stories about when she went over to England and all our other relatives. That was pretty fun.
Today in sunbeams it was my turn for crowd control. They were pretty good today, I think we just had 6 kids. They were cute.. all boys! Sister McArthur was teaching today and she was telling them about how Jesus healed a blind man so he could see. She asks Conner "Conner, if Jesus healed you and blessed you, would you tell him thank you?" And he said no. And she asked him why not. And he said "Because I don't need to be blessed ane healed!" So she asked if he was sick and needed to be blessed if he would tell Jesus thank you. And he said yes to that. They are so fun. I love my calling.
Things are going well with the wedding planning!!! 89 days! My mom and I get to go talk to the photographer on Wednesday. Dress shopping is next week, so that should be fun.
Well, I love you all! Have a good week!


Friday May 8th, 2009


That being said... I'm engaged, I'm engaged and I don't care who knows it!! Here is the story... so.... Mike came over yesterday (Friday) and we ate some pizza at my house and then we left for rock climbing. We went up to 9th street and there was a group up there already of like 6 people or so on the climbs we wanted to do. So we went up higher and hooked up to one up there. Mike wanted to climb first and he tried but didn't make it up. So I climbed it and made it to the top and then came down. By then the larger group had left and another had come but they were throwing in by us. So we went down and hooked the rope up to the climb Mike can do. So I belayed and he climbed and then on his way down he said "Em I want you to do this climb" and I told him no cuz I've done that climb a million times and he said "I'll be mad all day if you don't do this climb" so I said okay I'd do it. Just to make him happy. LOL. So he gets down and I tie in and he is belaying me and I climb up really fast and on the way up he is like "oh man November is going to be so good!" and I kinda got mad and said "Mike it makes me so mad when you say that! Quit it!" or something like that and then I got to the top and when you get to the top you are supposed to kiss the caribeaner before you get down. So I quickly kissed the beaner and then I said "okay now let me down" and he said "did you look at the bolts?" and I said no and my first thought was he messed with the caribeaners up there and undid one so it wasn't safe. LOL. Anyway so I looked at the bolts.. AND MY RING WAS HOOKED TO THE BOLTS ON A CARIBEANER! Wow!! I definitely didn't see it coming! My first thought was.. "Wow! Is that REAL?!" So then I can't really remember what I was saying down to Mike but it was something like "Mike is that REALLY my ring?! Like REALLY?!" and then I sat there for a few minutes cuz I couldn't wrap my head around it, I thought I was getting it in a few months. So then he asks if I'm ready to come down and I told him no give me a few seconds. Then I told him I was just going to hop over the top and climb down the back. He already likes to tease me that I didn't belay down. Anywho. So I unhook and start going down the back and he starts coming up. We meet halfway and he takes the ring and kneels down and says "Emily, will you marry me?" and I said yes the first time (none of that second time around crap like my mom ;) ).. and that is my story!! He did a super good job picking it out, he did a really good job! I love it!! And now I have a wedding to plan! Hooray!!


6 months!!!

Just so you all know.. Mike and I had our first date 6 months ago as of today! Hooray!