Family photo

Family photo



Tonight I went to dinner with some work friends. Here is what happened:

P: "Bones for being Mormon."
*him and I fist bump*
Me: "That's the first time I've ever gotten bones for being Mormon."


More Photos of Boston

Gosh this kid is just so cute! Here are some more photos. 


Taming The Beast

My mom and brothers came over after church yesterday for dinner and to visit. They love seeing little Boston. My brothers have a nickname for Boston, they call him "Bean Boy". Haha! Anyway, here are some gems from yesterday  

Nate: "Good job mom, you tamed the beast!" (Talking about Boston crying and then he stopped)

Brandon: "You could make a song out of Bosyon's crying. Wah wah wah wahhh."

Brandon: "I could use Boston as a metronome. I'll have to bring my cello next time. He can be fast wah wah wah or slow wahhh wahhh wahhh." 

Funny boys!!


What I Miss

I've noticed a few things here and there that I miss doing since we've had the baby. I miss date nights with Mike and sometimes just doing nothing.

But tonight I was on my elliptical and I realized what I REALLY miss.


I knew I really missed the summer, but dangit now I really REALLY miss it.

I especially miss summer evening runs. Ohhhhh I miss those so much. When I was running on my elliptical I closed my eyes to imagine running outside in the summer. It wasn't the same. The sound of my shoes hitting the asphalt was replaced my the whoosh-whoosh of the elliptical. The fresh, hot, outside air was replaced by the stuffy, warm, inside air. The sound of cars occasionally passing was replaced by Waffles moving around every once in a while.

I talked to my grandma today. She said her crocuses have not made any progress. They are still up a little bit, but not growing up. Hopefully they start coming up a little more. Spring is on the way, and I definitely have spring fever!

Running on the elliptical was nice. It was nice to get up and do something for me, and it felt good. I'm happy Mike got me the elliptical for Christmas so I can use it on bad weather or cold weather days. But boy oh boy, I can't wait till SUMMER.


One month

I don't know how long I will keep this up, but Boston is one month old now so I thought I would write a few things about him! 

- Yesterday was his first official big outing! We met up with Mike for lunch at Costa Vida then we went grocery shopping. He was a champ and didn't cry at all! Except for when he was in his car seat while we were driving. 
- Boston loves to hold his head up and look around, especially when I am wearing him in the wrap. 
- He still loves his hair to be washed and is getting the hang of warm baths. 
- Boston attended his first Super Bowl party this weekend. He slept during most of it and got tons of loves. 
- Boston is getting onto a schedule at night. We put him to bed at 10 PM and he wakes up around 2, eats, goes back to sleep till around 6, eats and then he sleeps a little more with me till around 8 or 9. 
- He likes the aftermath of being swaddled, but does not like the act of being swaddled. 
- He likes to get his arms free, especially when he is sleeping. Boston likes those hands up by his head! 
- Boston LOVES to stretch!
- Waffles still doesn't want anything to do with him. Haha!

I can't believe we have already had this handsome guy for a whole month! We love you Boston!