Family photo

Family photo



I don't really know how t o start this blog post except for Chelle, you may not want to read it. Its one of those lovey mushy gushy ones.

Mike is the best person ever. He is perfect for me. He is laying in bed next to me and all I can do is think of how lucky I am to have him for forever. I am so lucky I get to go to bed with him every night. I get to hold him or be held by him every night. I get to hold his hand while we drive in the car to the grocery store, or to Ogden, or any of our other adventures. I am lucky enough to be the woman he hugs and kisses when he gets home. I get to read scriptures with him every night before bed. I get to be the one who tickles him. I get to be the one who hides from him to scare him when he comes around the corner. I get to make dinners with him. I get to take walks with him around the block. I get to be the one he tries to make laugh. I am lucky enough to be the one who sees every side of his personality. I wish I could somehow convey with words how much he means to me and how much I love him. I am so lucky. He puts up with me, and he loves me. He probably won't read my blog, but if he does.. I love you Mike.



Good news! I applied for a job at Discover.. and got it! I will be off the phones which will be really nice and I will be in the Back Office Support group. I am excited! I will start July 12th, right after we get back from our Oregon trip, which I am REALLY excited for!

This week my mom has been gone at girls camp. I hope she is having fun, and I hope Syd is too! I have not been able to call and talk to my mom at all this week, I miss her!

We are leaving for Oregon on Saturday... WHOOO!!! I will be sure to post pics!



This week I had Wednesday off, and Mike was working so I headed up to Ogden to go to lunch with my mom. We went to one of my favorite places.. Kirts!! I got my usual.. A BLT on wheat bread and a chocolate banana shake. Yum! My mom also got a BLT but she got a Reese's shake. We shared some fries. It was delish, with great company. It was really fun to spend some time with my mom.

Its been raining for the past few days, so we haven't had to water the plants. Our garden is doing good, our corn is starting to come up and we have some peppers coming and some tomatoes on our plants already! Our strawberry patch is looking good, but we need to get out there and weed it.

Tweeg's last dog class is this coming Friday, so we will see if he passes. We had a pretest this last week and he did pretty good except for the stay for 1 minute. It took us a really long time to get us to even get him to stay for 30 seconds, we never got a 1 minute out of him. When we first started trying to teach him stay, he did pretty good and we have tried to work with him on it but he seems to be digressing. So we will see how he does on Friday.

We are going to Oregon soon, and I am super excited! We will also be going to Seattle, it will be a lot of fun. Not to mention a nice getaway from work.