Family photo

Family photo



We got a new puppy and his name is Evolv. He is so cute! Tweeg really likes him and they play rally cute together. Tweeg has been more mellow now that we have Evolv. They are really cute together.



I wore my chucks today. Its been a while. Believe it or not I've had these shoes since 9th grade. They still fit and they've seen a lot. They and I are really good friends. Its like that old friend you were best of friends with and over time you don't talk as much and don't spend as much time with them. You get other friends along the way, and things happen in life and you are busy and you just don't have time to be with that friend and they get slid to the back of the closet with the newer friends in front. But that friend still holds a special place in your heart. They are still there for you no matter what. And they are waiting in your closet of friends. Waiting to be reconnected with.And once you reconnect with that friend you think, you are so comfy! Why did I ever let you get pushed to the back of the closet? You may not be the prettiest with your rip on the side, you have the triforce and U2 written on you, and your laces are a dull gray. Some of my other friends are more comfy or nicer looking, are lower rise on my ankle and cleaner and newer, but you have always been there. Just waiting for me to pick you back up and wear you. Just waiting for me to slip you on and think of all my good memories while wearing you.We had trying times together, the chucks and I. But they made me invincible.

In 9th grade we knew how to play Sting and the only reason we didn't dominate is because I didn't have a good throwing arm. We had a mean foot in hacky sack though.

In 10th grade we moved schools but made friends pretty fast. I felt like I was being tugged down a little with my current friends and I jumped with those chucks out of my comfort zone and made new friends. Those shoes remember I did track. They remember when I started developing shin splints and it effected my jumping. Being worn fewer and fewer times my chucks still cheered me on from the sidelines. They remember the next year, jumping and this time running in track and rocking the 400. Those chucks remember when I told my coach at a meet I wanted to compete in the 800 and when he laughed in my face but said I could try. They remember when I crossed the finish line triumphantly in 3rd place out of 8.

My little chucks remember in 12th grade, track starting and losing too much weight at the beginning of the season and picking between my job and track. They remember sitting in my closet a lot while I was off at work or hanging out with my friends, but they always waited for my stories next time my feet slid in them and told them of my life adventures.They remember when I got accepted to BYU, how surprising and what an awesome opportunity that was. The triforce and U2 now faded but still edgy on the faces of them as time ticked by. Getting packed to head to Provo.

Cheering me on and making me invincible from the closet, I took a leap and jumped across the ravine to the other side out of my comfort zone. I made friends, I went 80's dancing, I did homework, I got way too little sleep, I got awesome at rock climbing, and I loved it.

They were there when I moved back home and took my job back. I still had those shoes the night I was proposed to and they snuck a peek at my ring through the crack in the closet. They used their laces and feelers like insects to hear my story again and again.They remember getting packed up and thrown into a strange new closet and sat there day after day waiting for their turn. Occasionally it came, and it was wonderful.

Today, I took those chucks out. I dusted them off looking fondly at their dull laces, their faded faces of U2 and the triforce, and slipped them on. Invincible. I could feel my feet relaying every detail of things going on now to my chucks since the last time I wore them. Once my chucks were caught up they said to me "Emily, I may be old but I do know you've got an awesome life." And I said "Yes, chucks I do. And you've made the journey with me. Thanks."

They smiled up at me worn, tattered faded and all. I put them in my closet.. until the next time I need to be invincible.



We are getting stuff out of our garden! Its so exciting! We also have another watermelon growing.. which Tweeg will not get to. Hooray!!


Ears, ENTs and Baby Watermelons

Well everyone, I finally go into an ENT about my ears. For you of those that don't know I have had an outer ear infection in both ears for around 5 years. I've gone to doctors and they always gave me ear drops saying the ear drops would clear it out. Well, they would work for a while, but then the infection would come back. It isn't super painful, but my ears look disgusting and they are always draining fluids and such. I went to a doctor a few months ago and I told her I had used multiple ear drops and would like another solution but she just gave me ear drops again. But a "different" kind. The "different" kind worked for about a week and a half. And then the infection came back. On Tuesday this week my left ear was really bothering me and hurt. It made me dizzy and I felt sick, so I decided I needed to get into an ENT soon. I called and they had a spot open the next day with Dr. Aoki. So I went to the ENT on Thursday and told me I had a "very severe, or chronic, outer ear infection. (DUH) and he went on to say I was one of the worst cases he's seen. (Later that day he had to be to an emergency surgery.. they changed my appointment time because of it.. so I was guessing he was a good doctor because he was going to do surgery. Or they thought he was good because he is Japanese or something like that) He then cleaned out my ears with this tiny tube vacuum thing. He got a lot of stuff out of there and I felt kind of bad cuz I guess the stuff in my ears kept clogging it up a little bit. I've had doctors tell me not to clean my ears with q-tips because my ear canals are too small and if I did I would just push stuff back in my ears and damage them so I figured there was just a bunch of wax or something back there. I felt bad I kept clogging his little tube vacuum and to tell the truth I felt pretty gross that whatever was in my ears was clogging his little tube vacuum. After, I asked if that was all ear wax or what it was. He said "there was some ear wax, some dead skin, mostly pus." WHHHHAAAATTT?! PUS?! In my EARS?! Que freak out inside of me while he is rambling on about pus. PUS.. Ewwwww... Totally grossed out. So, sometimes now I just feel like a giant pus ball is on top of my shoulders. If I knew all that stuff coming out of my ears was PUS I would have gone to see an ENT sooner. GROSS. Anyway, he cleaned out my ears and that kinda hurt and he gave me some more ear drops (go figure, even though I said I wanted to do something else since those don't work evidently) and I have to go back and see him next Thursday. Oh yeah, and I can't get my ears wet. So... no swimming even though my Dad's Client Appreciation Pool Party is on Saturday (It was supposed to be Friday the 6th, but the thunder and lightening would not let the party happen) and I also have to shower with cotton balls in my ears. Not comfortable at all. Now I am just hoping HOPING HOPING this will work and I will be rid of my giant pus head and ear infections forever.

Lately I have been having nightmares again that wake me up multiple times at night so I don't get good sleep and I'm always waking up with my heart pounding or half crying. I hate it. I hope it will stop soon.

Tweeg got a watermelon out of our garden. I was so mad. It was bigger than my hand. Dumb dog. So the next day I went to Lowe's and got a chain and anchor to put in our yard so Tweeg has a 15 feet radius to wander. That worked great.. for a day. Then I woke up this morning and looked out the back window. I thought "where is his collar?" His collar was no where to be found. We still have not found it.So I went and got another one without a clip, so hopefully he will not break free of this one and ruin my other watermelon that is growing.