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Family photo



Its been a while since I blogged. I am exhausted. For the past 3 or so nights I haven't slept good at all. I have nightmares all night and my allergies bug me. So if I'm not waking up cuz my face is itching and I'm uncomfortable I wake up cuz I'm having a horrible dream. Its not fun at all. I'm not sure where all my nightmares are coming from. And they are usually different, but I have had one that is kind of repetitive and I've had it 2 or 3 times in the past week or two. I take an allergy pill in the morning so I don't know if its wearing off by the time go to bed or what. But I'm only supposed to take one every 24 hours. I hope I get sleep soon. I just tried to take a nap. I slept for a whole measly 20 minutes. This is terrible. And I hate the dreams I have.

On a happier note, we are taking Tweeg to his first obedience class tonight! Hopefully he does good and we can get that dog to behave so we can keep him. I told Mike we need a behaved dog or no dog. So we shelled out the money for an obedience class so hopefully it works and we can keep him for Mike's sake. He loves that dog.

Its been snowing a little bit down here. I do not like the snow, and all my neighbors tulips look so sad in the morning with the snow on them. :( And when I drive by the birds and quails on the road they are too cold too fly so do their bird walk away from my passing car. Poor little birds.



Today is my day off work and I have to work Saturday. UGH. I am having a really hard time staying motivated at my job. Sometimes its nice to have a break in the middle of the week though.

Tweeg is getting big. He is learning he is an outside dog! Hooray! Yesterday was a lovely day so we took him on a walk. It was nice. Mike always holds the leash and yesterday he got Tweeg to go around me and they tangled me up.. twice!

Little Big Planet is still awesome. I love that game. I love it even more when Mike plays it with me.

Lately we have been grilling on our grill out back! We would like to get a really nice one eventually but this one works good. Last night we had grilled chicken. May I say that I rock at grilling steaks. Also pork steaks. I learned from my daddy!

Things are going great for Mike and I, we have a lot of fun together. He started his new shift of 6-2:30. A bit of an adjustment! He gets up super early and its hard for me to sleep when he is up and walking around. I hope I'll get used to it. With the warm weather we are going to start working on our yard and stuff!! Whoo hoo!!

I love the spring. All the flowers are blooming.. its warm!! The tree leaves are coming out- popcorn is coming out on the popcorn trees. I can wear my flip flops, my toes aren't constricted in my shoes. My skin doesn't look so white. And mostly I'm so happy. The spring (and summer) makes me so happy. Driving with my window down and the music blasting cures the worst mood. And I love it.



Today I didn't have a very good day at work. When I got home I got in bed and watched Seinfield. Mike calls me when he gets off and tells me he will be home a little late and he is going to get something. I asked him what it was and he said it was a surprise for me!! I asked for a hint, but he wouldn't give me one so I just had to patiently wait. HE got home and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands.. so I do and he puts something in my hands and I open my eyes and it was...

I was so excited! I've been wanting that game for a while, but its been way to expensive. The price finally dropped and Mike got it!!

I went downstairs and played it, I invited Mike to play, but he just laid by me and watched :)

It is so fun! I made my little sack person and he is so cute and its such a fun game! I can't wait till my family comes down so I can show my brothers my little sack person. The best part is you can make him
dance and move his arms and head and hips and you can change his facial expressions and make him happy or sad or grumpy or afraid.

We made one for Mike and his is really cute too. My person was named after Mike's game system so it is Freave 182 and when we made Mike's it named it Freave 182's best
fwiend. Haha!! I love that game so much and it is super fun to play. Mike played a little bit and he liked it a lot too.

When we first got married we were shopping and I pointed the game out and told him I really wanted that game one day and he told me it looked super lame and we would never get it. LOL! But it got an award like game of the year or something, so I guess that changed his mind. Anyway- Its super fun!! I love it!!

Thanks for the
Little Big Planet Mike!! I love you!!



Today I don't really have anything to blog about. I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging.

The first song playing on my blog has been one of my favorites for a long time. I can't remember for how long but I love this song, and I really could listen to it for hours.

Lately I've been thinking how fast life goes by and how things happen that you never expect, but things always turn out.

I never thought I'd be married by 20, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Sometimes I get a little down cuz a lot of my friends are halfway through school or getting close to the end. And I have taken one semester. But then I think if I would rather be halfway through school, or if I'd rather be married to Mike. I would so much rather be with my love than halfway through school. I'll find some time to do it.. one day.

Being married is hard sometimes. And sometimes we have arguments. But its what we do after the arguments that matter. Mike is the best example of this ever. If we ever get in an argument, afterward he always gives me a hug and tells me he loves me.

My husband gets more good looking everyday. I often wonder how I got so lucky.

Today we finished all the Teddy Ruxpin episodes. Let me tell you, what a cliff hanger. And there are no more episodes :(

I think that is all I have to say for today.

PS. I hate the snow.