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Family photo



Well, I did it. I went on another date. This one was just with a friend from Brigham City that I've known for a while. I worked from 6 AM to 130 PM... I hate opening. Its so dang early!!! I have to get up before the rooster crows. Good thing we don't have a rooster huh. Nah but I get up was early for work and I hated it. Anyways, so I got off work and I went home and then filled the car with gas... half way. Its a stretch I know. Then I headed to Brigham. The roads weren't too bad considering how much it was snowing. So I got to Brigham to Daniel's house. (Tha'ts the kid's name, Daniel.) And then his friend Paul and his date Amber showed up like 2 seconds after that (I think its cuz Paul is Daniel's next door neighbor). Anywho. We then went to a theatre in Willard...they don't have too many of those in Brigham apparently. We watched National Treasure 2... way good movie. I've seen it twice. I promised myself I'd never be one of those dorks who would go see a movie twice... haha oops. Then we headed back to Dan's house and made pizza and ate it. It was pretty dang good. After that we played Wii bowling for a little while. After that we kinda sat around and listened to music and played on a guitar. I learned something about Brigham Citians though. And that is that their Wal-Mart is like The Ogdenites and their mall. The Brighamians say "Hey I'm bored, lets go to Wal-Mart." While Ogdenites say "Hey I'm bored, lets go to the mall." Which one sounds cooler here? I just don't know how they cope. Poor kids. Ü Thats enough about that. Today church was the absolute best. There is this little boy Conner in our ward and he is so dang cute. His dad is in the bishopric and his mom plays the organ so we take him during sacrament. He sat on me for a while and the moved by my mom. Apparently he's in that nose picking stage. So my mom was trying to get him to stop picking his nose and she told him to stop, but he wouldn't. So she said "Ew, Conner don't pick your nose there is a bug up there." He looked at her and said "I gotta get the bug!" and stuck his finger right up his nose again. Then on top of having a cute little boy sit by us we have this cute little family sitting in front of us. They have 3 kids, one girl and two boys. The older boy was being a pill today, I'm guessing he's about 2 and the girl is probably 4 or 5. The little boy is just a little baby. Well, the dad took out the pill bug and that left the mom with the girl and the baby. All of a sudden the gril whispers really loud to her mom "MOM! I GOTTA GO TO THE BATHROOM!" and her mom says "You went right before we left the house." but the girl I guess had to go. So her mom looks around and sees me watching and says "Do you want to hold the baby while I take her out?" I ALMOST DIED! I was so dang happy, so she handed him right over and they were gone fora pretty long time. But I didn't care. Cuz I was holding a cutie pie. But he started spitting up all over. Not just a little bit, but a lot. So we had to find his dang burp cloth. But he was still cute. Haha. I think that is all for today. Love you all!



Baby Joslyn with some hot avaitors.
You gotta love girls camp
family picture
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some of you have been complaining i don't put enough pictures on here, so here ya go.

Christmas Break

Christmas break has been so fun, i love being able to just kinda relax and stuff. Christmas Eve was great, we had the Andrushko family over to our house and we ate and opened presents. I worked all day Chirstmas Eve but luckily the store closed at 6 so I could make all the festivities. We had a lot of fun and Teresa's baby Cam is just so cute. Carter, Matt and Jen's baby is getting big and walking all around. After everone left we opened some presents which were pajamas and agreed to open presents at 6:30 AM. Wow. The morning came all too quickly, Sydney slept in my bed with me while Aimee took over Syd's so we could have a sleep over. Sydney said I kept sleep talking, but she kept kicking me in her sleep. The boys loved all their presents, I got a lot of clothes Ü and some colored pencils and a cute marshmallow coat and portfolio for my art stuff. I also got some stuff like pots and pans for if I get married one day. Needless to say I was excited. Our family got a Wii, which we have been playing on and it is just so fun! We went over to Grandmas and grandma showed us once again that she picks out cute, hip, and stylish clothing. she also gave me something for if I get married, this family is just anxious to get rid of me I guess. LOL, It is very beautiful though. I can't wait till I have a house to put it up in. I got a massage thing from Morgan which I love love love! THANK YOU MORGAN! Its so nice! Later we rode snowmobiles and I was riding that thing for a while and I am still so so sore. The day after Christmas the girls and I went shopping and I went to the Flow Rider and tried it at. Its sorta like surfing but not really. LOL, its way fun, but I am so sore from snowmobiling and from doing the flow rider. I love that massage thing, I use it one my legs and my arms and my neck and back and it is just so nice! Today and for the remainder of the week, I work at 6 AM to 2 PM. Which is a little hard, because as we all know I love sleeping late. But it is really nice to be done by 2. Well, I'm not sure what else to write. I love you all!


This past week

Well well, this week has come and gone. It was a pretty good one. I got promoted to be a checker, well i did a while ago but i didn't tell my mom. So we convinced (Aimee and I) convinced my mom to come into Acres and Aimee took her around looking at prices. While I got set up in a checkstand. They came up to the front and I just got sent in a checkstand and oh man you should've seen my mom freak out. "Emily you got promoted! Oh my word oh oh I'm so excited!" Basically the whole store could here her and see her giving me thumbs up. Lets see. I went on a date on Friday. It was pretty fun. The guy was a pretty cute red head. He was pretty funny and really nice. So we all met at the institute building and then headed to La Ferovia's. We ate and oh man that food is so flippin good. Wow. And after that we went to Walmart for a game. All of the couples grabbed a cart and then we ran around getting 10 random items and we met back where we started. And then we switched carts and tried to put all the items back fastest. We ended up getting some really weird items like a fake banana. And we had no idea where to put that so we stuck it with the real bananas. I feel bad for the person who buys that cuz it really looks real. Haha. On Saturday I just cleaned the house and then went into work. After work I headed over to my friends house to hang out. Today church was pretty cool, like always. Tonight Syd, Aimee and I went to a sing-in at the tabernacle. T minus 5 sang a couple songs, but mostly it was just a big group lets sing Christmas hymns fora freakin hour and fourty-five minutes. I was going to die. Oh man it was way way way long. It was fun and stuff, but pretty long. I never knew there was so many Christmas songs! School is out in 2 days and I'm ready for it! Ga! Apparently, everyone in my family knows what I'm getting for Christmas except me. How jipped is that? I guess one of my presents or something has been sitting in the basement for the past who knows how long and I never even noticed it! So I'm pretty peeved. Haha. Well, I think that is all for this week's edition of "This Past Week". So until next week, I'm out! Love you all!


This Past Week

First of all, try this site out, it gives you an elf name and they are pretty dang funny. Mine is Blissful Bubba-Louie. So. About my week. Well, its been a busy one. I will get the most important things out of the way first. I got accepted to Dixie! Whoo hoo! So if I end up going there, I'll already be accepted. I have yet to hear from BYU-I and BYU. I'll hear from them in about 4 to 6 weeks. On Friday night I went to the Jon Schmidt concert, and oh boy was it wonderful! He was so good! And he did my favorite song... Pachelbel meets U2. Although I did like his "Dumb Song". He put on a big blond wig and repeatedly banged his head on the piano at the end of it. It was a rendition of the Bumblebee Tuna song. I also met President Dahlquist... the Young Men's General President. He talked to Aimee and I for just a little bit and got side tracked so we left him to do his thing. So we sat down and felt lucky just to shake his hand and meet him, when he came over to where we were sitting and continued talking to us and apologized for getting side tracked! I was about to die! I don't think I'll ever wash my right hand again. Just kidding. He asked if we did any sports and how old we were and where we went to school and such. Then he asked me if I sent and missionaries out. So I said "Yeah, just one." and he started to ask about Kris! He asked where he went to and how long he's been out and if we still wrote! I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. Then he asked me if I still dated, and I told him "I go on dates occasionally." Well, he proceeded to tell me that I should keep dating because it is "good for him and for me". So we'll just see what happens. I'd date more I suppose if more guys asked me out. I have a date this coming Friday. And its a blind date, and apparently the guy's name is Ken and from what I understand he is 21, very nice, cute and funny. So give me some feedback on what you guys think of that. Speaking of boys I got some stuff from Kris this past week. Ü He wrote my family a letter and sent some pictures and he sent me some of his shorts. They are like Capri's on me cuz he's so tall, but hey, they are fun to wear. Just so you all know, the Patriots won their game today. Tom Brady and his good looks did it again. I think the other teams just get astonished about how good looking he is up close in that uniform. He's all muscular and he's got a cute butt. Who can resist? I guess not the other teams. They just get hypnotized. So its really cold in Utah and I'm just freezing my little behind off here, so I think we need to ship me off so you guys don't have to put up with all my complaining. OH! My dad got called to the high council. That was a surprise, considering he didn't tell me! I'm gone from the house a lot because of work and school, but I didn't think I was gone so much that they just don't think of me as family any more! I was a little confused this morning, we were going to church and he parked on the side we don't usually park on. And Sydney asked him why and he said "My office isn't on the other side any more, its on this side." I didn't think much of it, but I guess I should have! Well, I guess this is a little long, but I have just one more story. You all know by now about my art teacher that I dislike greatly. Well, the other day I was working on my art and I was kind of getting a little flustered. So I beckoned my teacher and she came over and I asked her if the proportions looked alright. That is all I asked her. Keep that in mind. Well, she tells me she needs a better look or whatever and asks me to stand up. So I do. And she takes my seat. Now I would be OK with her just taking my seat, but no no, she kept going. SHE STARTED DRAWING ON MY ARTWORK! Now, I was ticked, but she was drawing lightly so I figured I would just erase it when she left. Be mindful that what she was doing was changing the facial features, and altering them to her liking. It had nothing to do with proportion. Well, much to my surprise, she started erasing the lines that I had drawn. So I got up my courage and I said "STOP ERASING THOSE LINES!" And she looked at me and said "Oh? Are you one of those people that don't like other people drawing on your art?" And I said "Yeah, I don't like people drawing on my artwork." Can you guess what she said next? She told me to "Get used to it!" and she said "People will always be drawing on your artwork, even when your in college" What kind of twisted sick turban wearing person would say that?! I was so mad I could have taken my art right out of her hands and smacked her with it! Oh my I was appalled and so ticked! I think she got the picture when she gave it back and I immediately started to erase what she had done and alter it back to how I liked it. The other day in class, she came up and gave me a couple pointers. Didn't even touch it. It better stay that way, or something might just happen. Well, that is all for this week. I love you all!