Family photo

Family photo


This past week.

Hello all! This past week has been pretty fun! It started off with getting a promotion at work! Whoo hoo!! I am now a front desk manager, so if you come into Lee's, look to the front desk, because I might just be there working! I'm still training and I hope I do okay! As for the car issue, I am looking at a Cobalt right now that I like. We will see what happens with that. Basically all I do with my life is work now. I work full time, so I usually sleep in, get up, lounge, get ready and head to work . Fridays are usually my day to hang out with my cute boyfriend!! This past Friday he came over and I made spaghetti, I thought it was pretty good. Mike told me a couple times throughout our day that it was really good, so I am guessing he liked it as well. LOL. After lunch we watched The Office.. ITS BACK ON FOR THE YEAR!! Whoo hoo!! I am so excited its back on! After The Office we headed out to the Megaplex for a movie. He made me decide and I chose Mall Cop. Good choice on my part! It was so funny! After that we were in a mall mood so we went to the Newgate for a while. Then we picked up a Little Cesar's pizza and headed to my place for some DDR and to watch Night at the Museum. And that was our day! He is so great! Today at church I got to teach the Sunbeams!! They are all so cute. It was really fun. My mom and I went in and she did the crowd control while I taught about Heavenly Father having a body. We played follow the leader around the church (reverently!) to illustrate what we could do with our bodies and the Heavenly Father can do that stuff too. We also drew pictures of our bodies. I drew a little stick figure of me, but I put blue hair on me. I held it up and said "Does this look like me?" And they all said it looked like me. A boy in our class named Timothy got up and kept telling me pretty excitedly that "that looks JUST like you!!!" It was so funny. When we were walking down the hall playing follow the leader the little girl in the class named Brooklyn walked straight into a wall! She was okay, but a few minutes later when we were walking back I heard one of the kids say "I won't bonk into a wall. Nope, I won't bonk into a wall like her." LOL!! They are so funny! I think one of my favorite parts was when I was teaching and the bishop's son, Preston, stood up and came up to me and said "I have to tell you something" and I said "What do you need to tell me?" And he said "You have sandals just like Jesus wears." It was so funny! I had to try not to laugh, but then I realized that I had brown sandals on and they had straps going over my feet, and in the pictures of Jesus he does have brown sandals on. How observant! After church we went up to my grandmas, and I don't know why, but everyone thinks I'm going to get married or engaged soon. Just so you all know, I will tell you this one more time. It won't happen for a while. So no need to be crossing your fingers. Anyways, this week should be a good one. Just full of work and more work!! Love you all!



As many of you know, I am thinking about getting a car in the very next soon while. The only dilemma is.... what kind of car?! I really would like a Jeep Liberty. I want one of those really bad. The other car I am possibly looking at is a Honda Civic, and from the deals I have found they would cost about the same to get. Gas mileage is a little worse on the Jeep, but.. the Honda is definitely not as cool! Keep in mind a Honda Civic does not fit my rock climbing crazy outdoors personality. My mom thinks I should get a nice little car, because it is more economically friendly, and I don't need a bigger car right now, plus as I said before, gas mileage is better.... but I REALLY WANT A JEEP LIBERTY REALLY BAD! I think I would just look better in one and I would enjoy it a lot more than little car. So... if anyone wants to chip in their opinion, that would be GREAT!!! Love you all!



It has been such a long times since I last blogged! I apologize to all you avid Emily's blog readers out there, you must have been dying without my posts to entertain you! Just so you all know, I am now currently residing in Ogden again and working at Lee's just livin' the dream. Now I am back living with parents and that has been quite the adjustment in itself. Christmas was really great!! We had a lot of fun, my brothers and dad got automatic NERF guns from Santa and they love to terrorize everything that moves. There is still snow here and I hate it, like every other winter. Today my family and I went to Infinia (the old folks home) and we got to do the sacrament program for them. I gave a talk on loving one another and my dad gave a talk and then all the Medsker kids sang a song. My mom played the piano and she did such a great job. She is really good at playing "Music Box Dancer" which is my personal favorite piano piece and she loves playing it for me. Actually, she only plays it every once in a while. So I had to go buy it on iTunes, my first piece of classical music bought on iTunes, woah! And possibly my only piece as well.

A glimpse of what just happened in the Medsker household:
Syd: Dad your so cute.
Mom: I tried telling you that at church today. I said whoo whoo, holy hubba!
Dad: You said holy hubba?

Yesterday Syd and I went and saw Bride Wars. It was pretty funny. It kind of reminded me of How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days, where Kate Hudson is driving me absolutely nuts because she is being so crazy but you still have to love the movie. Kate Hudson was in this one and so was Anne Hathaway, and I really like both of those actresses. They go after each others weddings and it is hilarious, but drives me a little crazy at the same time. At the end Syd and I were both crying, not full on bawling, but we were crying a bit. It was good. Today in church I led the music in Relief Society. That was fun. On Friday Mike came up :)... we are still together and dating. He makes me so happy!! He came up and we went to the temple and did baptisms, then to Gandolfo's, oh man, he has me addicted to that place now, those sandwiches are SO GOOD. Then back home for Oceans 11. We had fun just hanging out all day. My brothers were all excited that Mike was coming over, its pretty funny. It has simply been too long since I have blogged so I can't remember everything I wanted to say. So hopefully I will have some witty comments next week.