Family photo

Family photo



Well, before this the longest Mike has been away for was one night. He left in the evening and came back the next afternoon. For Woodbadge this week (its this week and next week, Thursday through Friday) we left Wednesday night and went up to my grandparents that night so he wouldn't have to drive as far the next morning (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!). Its been one day and I've already cried, fallen asleep to the Princess Bride, drank too much egg nog and listened to Justin Bieber. And played with Waffles and cleaned the spare bedroom and the kitchen and the bathroom. And did all my homework up till next week's homework. I don't think I can find many other things to keep me occupied and from missing my boo! I have gotten a lot done that needed to get done. That's good I guess. I thought about going rock climbing, but I don't have a partner to go with and I don't feel like going bouldering. I was going to go over to Mike's brother and sister in law's house today, but guess what. I've got a dumb cold. And it got worse since yesterday and I don't want to get their kids sick. Definitely not looking towards next week when Mike is gone again.
This year for Halloween Mike is going to be Wolverine. He's grown out a nice beard and he got a nice leather jacket a little while back. So he is set. I don't know what to be. I could be an X-Men character too, but I'm just not feeling it! If anyone has any suggestions for me and my bearded husband, let me know.


No Time

Sometimes I just wish I could quit school. It would be so nice to have my time back. No more homework, no more classes, it would be so nice. This week we had fall break.. 2 days. 2 days isn't even a break. Its a time to get caught up on your homework. If they want to give us a real break it should've been a week. 


Things are still plugging along at the Lowders. Waffles is getting big. Mike is doing great at his new job.
Last month I took Mike to a surprise getaway at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. He had NO idea. He thought we were just there to eat. When I checked us in at the front desk, he said "we are staying here? Do we even have toothbrushes or clothes?" I told him I had our stuff and he asked if Waffles was just staying the night out in the yard. I told him no, I had someone taking care of her. He seemed to be amazed that I got everything taken care of.

We got into our room, and there were chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, and a note for Mike waiting there for us. We then went to dinner. I got a pizza and Mike got a delicious 6 course meal. It was way fun. After that we went to the pool on the main floor and we also sat in the hot tub for a while. It was way fun. Our room had a nice roomy king size bed, a jetted bathtub, and awesome shower, 2 TV's and a kitchen. It was so fun. After we stayed the night we headed up to Park City for some shopping. We found some pretty good deals. I had a great time. I hope Mike did too. He definitely was surprised.

Mike has been doing a diet for just under a month now. He started right after we got back from our mini getaway. Its called the Dukan diet. He has really had some success with it! He has lost almost 20 pounds now. He says he wants to lost just a few more before heading into the next phase of the diet where he gets to add foods back into what he eats everyday. He is really looking forward to his first "celebration" meal.

That's about it for us I think. My favorite class at school right now is my photography class. I'm learning a lot and I think my pictures are really improving.