Birth Story Photos

So here are Boston's birth story photos. I am so pleased with how they turned out. I absolutely love them!

I'll definitely keep Suzie's number so I can call her for future children's birth stories and family pictures, etc. Seriously! If you want to check out her other work (which is just as fantastic) look her up on FB at Suzie Bishop Photography. I love her photos, she does great. And I can't say enough good things about these photos she did of Boston's birth. Even with having a C-section she did a wonderful job capturing everything and I'm so glad we had a photographer there so we can treasure these moments for a lifetime.

Some of them look like they uploaded in a little different color instead of the black and white. Hopefully that's corrected when I post this. Anyway, here they are! Cute little Boston!

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Marsha Skibinski said...

Oh Em! Thank you so much for sharing this special time in your and Mike's
life. The pictures made me feel like I was there and also made me cry with joy!. I can wait to come and meet my great-grand nephew. Make sure you give him a hug and kiss from me. Congratulations! love you all, Aunt Marsha