Family photo

Family photo


Boston's Loves in Life

My parents have been nice enough to let us stay at their house while we wait to move into our new house on Saturday. Boston has many loves in life, but here are a few I've documented recently.

Boston LOVES to cook. Uncle Bran let Boston help him bake cookies tonight. Boston had a great time. Thanks Brandon!

Boston loves to watch movies! I worked from home on Friday morning, and Boston wanted to watch a movie. So we cuddled while I worked and he watched Monsters Inc.

Boston loves his stuffed animals and his minion blanket. At night Boston sleeps with George the bear and Kevin the minion. All covered with his minion blanket. In this picture it's midday and he is cuddling with dad. 

A few other loves include: playing outside, shoveling, playing with balls, helping with laundry and other chores, giving Waffles treats, and wrestling with mom.

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