Family photo

Family photo


Boston's Birthday

Boston turned two this month! I can hardly believe my little baby isn't a little baby anymore. 

Boston loves to cook and bake! Anytime I'm in the kitchen Boston loves to help. 
Boston loves to tickle and wrestle. He also loves to tease and laugh. He is such a joy in our family.
Boston loves to give hugs and kisses! 
Right now Boston says goodbye to just about everything. When he is done eating a go-gurt he says "bye go-gurt!" 
Boston loves to make faces. He loves sticking his tongue out, lowering his eyebrows, smiling, and making silly faces. 
Boston loves to help with things around the house! He loves to sweep, vacuum, and mop. His favorite is helping with laundry. He loves to push the buttons and start the washer and dryer.
Boston loves to share. He will share toys, but he loves to share food, especially when he has cooked it with me!
Boston loves Monsters Inc, Despicable Me, and anything Elmo. 
Boston loves the phone and will talk and FaceTime.
Boston loves anything with balls! He loves to play with balls, he loves shirts with balls on them, he loves cooking with eggs (balls), and anything that looks like a ball. 

We are fortunate enough we live by family so we had a fun combined birthday party with one of my cousins! It was fun to have a big party with our family. Last year Boston dug right into his cake, and this year Boston touched it just a little and then wanted a spoon to eat it with. 

Happy birthday to our cute little boy! We love you!

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